the new girl no more

HR has hired a new gal to run the front desk up there, so I’m no longer the “new girl”. I had the task of showing her to the cafeteria, where I pointed out all of the various food stations and whatnot. Then I basically turned her loose… not because I didn’t like her or anything, but because I like having lunch by myself, and an hour break of making conversation with the shy new girl on her first day just seems… totally awkward and non-relaxing. One thing I like about having lunch by myself is that even though I stay on-site, the time is mine and I can spend it accordingly, without engaging in anything too mind-bending.

Last night was enjoyable… Ryan and I celebrated by going to Goro’s for sushi and green tea ice cream, then went to Pier One to register, and then capped off the night with Adam, Rachel, and Megan at Flying Saucer. It was Fat Tire Tuesday again, so I happily had a $2.50 FT while Ryan sampled some obscure Belgian stuff in the quest to try 200 beers. It was a good evening, and when we got home I slept very well.

Woke up to a dreary morning. Not cold, at least… just very gray and humid. I didn’t feel like going to work at all, but dragged myself to the shower nonetheless. Talked to Janette on the way in to work and we mused about what we’d like to do while she and Rachael are in town this weekend.

The day so far at work has been mostly occupied by staving off boredom, peppered with scheduling meetings, disputing credit card charges, and lamenting why my computer hasn’t been set up yet. Yeah, I’m whiny. Hopefully the afternoon will go by quickly… but I’m not really holding my breath. Ah well, at least my job isn’t particularly difficult…


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