bad night, busy morning

I did not sleep well last night. I think my dinner of Chinese food and riesling nightcap only pissed off my stomach, so I spent most of the night cramped up and willing myself to throw up, if only to relieve the discomfort. Finally succeded at that, only to lay down for about an hour or two before I had to get up and proceed with the day.

This morning was pretty steady as far as having stuff to do goes. I worked on a few spreadsheets for my boss and he seemed pleased with the output. After a discussion yesterday about how he likes to see people advance within the company, I asked if I could sit in on his noon conference call. Unfortunately, it was with his boss, so I went to lunch instead. No big deal, though… he said I’m more than welcome to sit in on most of his calls. I figure, at the very least, I’ll learn a bit about what my department actually does… can’t be any harm in that.

I’m getting revved up for Rache and Janette’s visit tomorrow… still have to figure out the logistics of who’s arriving when, but at least they’re coming!!


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