stupid bowl

Okay, okay… I did have fun watching the Super Bowl yesterday with everyone. But man, what a mess in its wake… as far as my kitchen goes. If Ryan hasn’t tackled it, I surely will be doing so when I get home.

This weekend was a lot of fun in general… Rache and Janette were down, and we spent Saturday enjoying a super-girly lunch at La Madeleine (complete with cute waiter ogling and caramel cream puff), trying on and picking up my wedding dress (yup, it still looks AMAZING!), and getting a haircut. We finished the day by meeting Ryan at Goro’s for a delectable sushi dinner, then I dashed off to HEB to pick up a lovely chocolate bar cake. We sang Happy Birthday to Rachael, toasted her with champagne, and enjoyed the cake while watching “Bridezillas,” which never fails to make me feel like our wedding is so much less stressful!

I’m finishing up my lunch break after a tasty turkey guacamole toasted sandwich, which I opted for over the okrafied gumbo and the questionable BLT soup. (What, did they have leftover sandwich toppings they needed to use up? Nasty!!) Resisted the cookies and am hoping the Diet Dr Pepper will get my sweet tooth through the afternoon… either that, or the saccharine wedding accessories I’ve been browsing. Damn David’s Bridal and their $149 tiaras… there is absolutely no way I’m spending that much!!


One response to “stupid bowl

  1. You should check out Claire’s. They don’t have a lot of selection, but I found a cute simple tiara there.

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