rodeo, religion & relaxation

Pretty low-key weekend this weekend, Friday night notwithstanding. Ryan took me to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo on Friday, which was off the beaten path for us, to be sure. We watched some of the events before the painfully slow process (well, not that slow, all things considered) of the stage preparation. Finally, Big & Rich took the stage for a great show ranging from full-on country to something akin to heavy metal, Nashville style to cowboy rap. I love the range of styles the group takes on (successfully blending them, I might add) and their “country music without prejudice” attitude. Had a great time, but we were tired by the time we got home.

Saturday I stayed home and alternated watching TV, immersing myself in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and cleaning house. I tried to get laundry done, honest, but I just lack the laundry-completion gene. Ryan and I stayed home and had some wine, in anticipation of the early morning to come.

Sunday we woke up a little later than we’d hoped, but still managed to make it to church before the announcements were over! We officially joined Zion Lutheran Church of Helotes, with Ryan becoming Lutheran. It’s the first time we’ve belonged to the same church, and we’re both excited about this congregation and the possibilities for service and fellowship.

Will probably have a pretty low-key Valentine’s Day, which is fine as Ryan and I don’t get paid until after the red-stained holiday. Maybe I’ll just splurge a little on some wine we can share and spend the evening just reveling in each other. Sounds like a great way to spend it to me!


3 responses to “rodeo, religion & relaxation

  1. notwithstanding

  2. Zion Helotes is a great place. I love Pastor Jennifer. Glad you joined!

  3. Happy Valentine’s, chica! Enjoy some wine for me! My bf has to work tonight 😦

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