valentine & visio

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Ryan and I opted to spend a quiet, energy-saving (read: candlelit) evening at home, rather than battling the hordes of couples in various states of commitment at any of a number of local restaurants. Instead, Ryan picked up some salmon, shrimp, asparagus and wine, and we cooked and ate dinner together and talked without having to shout over a noisy dining room, only the wind whistling past our building and the occasional jingle of the dogs’ tags as they wandered around.

We also finally watched “Sideways,” which we both thought got off to a slow start, but the movie proved to mostly live up to the hype, and some of the romantic, allegorical descriptions of wine and winemaking were quite lovely. We didn’t drink the oft-mentioned pinot noir, instead opting for a couple of our favorite warmer-evening varietals (riesling and pinot grigio). It was a great way to spend the evening.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s gift wasn’t delivered until Wednesday, but in any case he got it and really liked it. I got him a stainless steel spinner ring with an engraving on the inside that reads, “Saved By Grace,” to remind him that he can never be diminished in God’s eyes. It’s one of the cornerstones of the Lutheran faith, and something that I hold very dear. The spinning part of the ring is more of a fidgeting-promotion device, solely to direct his thoughts and energy away from things that stress him out. He told me today that he liked it a lot because it makes him think of me. Hey, I like that too!

Last night we went out for sushi and then headed down to the Blue Bubble Ballroom for some East Coast and Lindy Hop lessons with the San Antonio Swing Dance Society. We met Todd, Rachel and Megan, and had fun getting Lindy-dizzy and goofing off. Unfortunately, for all his laid-back swing affectations, our instructor was a swing nazi who would tolerate no laughing between moves. I mean, come on, dude… it’s dance lessons, not fencing! But we had a great time in spite of grumpy swing guy and capped the night with drinks at Broadway Bar just down the street, and Todd and I bogarted the jukebox for 8 songs, including CCR’s 11-minute version of “Heard It Through The Grapevine.” Yeah!!

I FINALLY got my computer at work, and it’s all set up and has Microsoft Visio. I love Visio!! It was kind of hard to get the hang of it at first but now I’m all over it, and I just adore it for creating all those funky diagrams my boss is so fond of. Did an org chart this morning… can’t wait to get back and keep fiddling with it! (Yep… I’m a certifiable dork!)


2 responses to “valentine & visio

  1. I’m glad you liked Sideways–I figured you guys would 😉 We seriously need to do a food and wine tour like they did, albeit without the cheating and needless drama!

  2. So, you said what you got Ryan…what did he get you? Sounds like you had a lovely Valentine’s Day.

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