cold, cold weekend

Janette came into town this weekend, and the 3-day visit was mostly occupied by trying to avoid being cold. Lots of staying inside and staying in stores and drinking coffee. 🙂

Saturday night Janette, Ryan and I went to an informal wine tasting at Adam’s. I was suprised at how many people fit into his apartment! We probably tried about 7-8 wines over the course of the night, leaving me a little tipsy… but it was great fun, anyway.

Sunday morning we couldn’t have gone to church even if we had woken up early… the roads were iced over and we later found out (via Ryan’s news story) that there were more than 700 accidents in San Antonio on Sunday because of the weather. I was glad we stayed in and opted to watch the US men’s olympic hockey team play Sweden (live!) and saw Mike Modano score their only goal (Sweden won 2-1, I think). We ordered pizza and I did laundry, but mostly it was a lazy, lazy day.

Monday, we were all off, so Ryan treated us to ice skating (although I was a wuss and it was not as much of a treat at first as I think Ryan was hoping it would be), and I mostly clung to the wall like a 2-year-old with a saggy diaper as Janette and Ryan zipped effortlessly around the rink. I tried, honest I did, but without Ryan and Janette as training wheels at my side, I did wipe out once, and had many near-wrecks with small children and obnoxious tweens. I was glad for the experience, but I must admit I was a little glad for the experience to be over. I still feel guilty for not enjoying the sweet gesture.

After the icy-ass capades, we went to Olive Garden to warm ourselves up with peach sangria and indulgent Italian food. We took our time with lunch, even though we all knew Janette would have to hit the road soon. We went home and all took naps, then got up in time to bid Janette farewell.

Ryan and I went to Meme’s last night for dinner (veggie soup), and as soon as we mentioned that we needed to leave she brought up wedding planning. At least she was nice about it, and actually seemed to be acting out of concern that we get everything done in a budgetary manner. But it was just time consuming and we wanted to get home.

We relaxed at home after our shopping trip, and found it tough to get out of bed this morning after the 3-day weekend. But I did anyway… I guess tonight will be spent at the gym!


2 responses to “cold, cold weekend

  1. I feel your pain–ice rinks are the death of me. I transformed into a hobbling monster after Christy tried to get me on the ice at the Galleria in Dallas. Never again!

  2. Oh, I always get so bitter at little kids on ice (those who are good at ice-skating, that is)! They zip around with their tiny lil’ ice skates on and they’re like 4 years old. Grrr. And it’s embarrassing to fall in front of them.

    But they ARE pretty cute, I have to admit.

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