dog adoration from a soapbox

I have got to stop browsing the profiles of adoptable dogs. I find myself wanting to move out to the country just so I can take in more sweet, misunderstood bully dogs. I read a column today at by Cathy Rosenthal (the pet columnist, column dated 2/06) about how breed-specific laws are tantamount to racial profiling, and I agree with her. I had a discussion with Ryan recently about how people are way more dangerous than any dog when it comes to injuring or killing dogs or humans. Since the beginning of the year, we have had so many high-profile child abuse cases making headlines — and countless unreported cases, I’d imagine — yet nobody has suggested outlawing people in San Antonio, or made it mandatory for them to get spayed or neutered. (I’m in favor of altering pets though, if only because there are so many homeless already.) Anyway, the point is, BSLs are horribly unfair, punishing dogs for the misdeeds of people who aren’t fit to have animals in their care, people who will only go on to exploit and mistreat and damage the reputation of other breeds of dogs.

I don’t know why this is on my mind so much… probably mostly because Ryan sent me a link to the Dogster page of a beautiful white and fawn colored pit bull boy in California who has been bounced from foster home to foster home during his short life. It just makes me so sad that people are more than happy to encourage the backyard breeding and inbreeding of other, more “family friendly” dogs, when some beautiful, happy, loyal, loving and playful pups will never get that chance because they’ve been labeled as “dangerous” before their merits as an individual were never measured.

I’m so thankful for people like Cathy Rosenthal who speak out to a wider audience and might change a few minds about bully breeds, about dogs like Barker and Hailey. I’m glad that shelters like the Animal Defense League here in San Antonio exist, who check up on owners and ensure that they’ll be able to give these dogs a good home before they send the pups out the door. I’ll be so thankful if a random blog reader is convinced to at least think twice before calling a dog dangerous just because of their breed!


One response to “dog adoration from a soapbox

  1. I am convinced that these dogs are so much more loving, loyal, and friendly than many people would like to believe. Then, again, I’m a bit biased because I have two of my own. It makes me sad to think that some dogs may never get the chance to have a happy home because their breed preceeds them. What about not judging a book by its cover? Where is the love? Peolpe who unfortunately get their ugly messages across about bully dogs are listened to, while those who argue on the other side are hushed much more often. I love these dogs… but they have to be treated and discipled in the right way.

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