the past flying away

This week has gone by quick so far… I guess it’s because I had Monday off. I did miss having Ryan at home last night though… he was in Seguin late at a dinner for some graduating seniors. He said he met a girl who was just like him during his senior year… she was in the process of sending out tapes and trying to land that first job, having interned at FOX in Washington, D.C. and trying so hard to get her foot in the door. Apparently she’s going to KENS on Friday to watch the morning talk show, and she’s going to leave him a copy of her tape.

When he told me that story, it really took me back to our senior year, when we were making lots of trips to the post office, sending Ryan’s tapes everywhere – from Fargo to Sherman to Victoria to Knoxville, and of course, Joplin. I’m glad we ended up in Joplin for his first job… it was a great place to start for both of us, and it was there that we learned a lot not only professionally, but personally as well. We both dated other people at some point, but I’m incredibly thankful about how things ended up… perhaps more thankful, having gone on those dates and seeing what horrors lurk in the dating world!

So now the past is flying away quickly… this week, this year, the time passed since college, etc. I never would have imagined that I would be in the place where I am now. I suppose I assumed I’d be living in Sherman forever… that’s kind of how Sherman is, it’s kinda comfortable, like a big fluffy couch… it sucks you in and you think, “Yeah, I could stay here.” But now there’s more out there, and I know that if we ever moved back there, it would be because we wanted to. I like San Antonio though… it’s a big city, but I feel at home here, too.


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