Got my blog fixed… for some reason it was giving me and others a “Forbidden” error message. Didn’t know my blog was that juicy… but at any rate, I’m glad it’s up and running again.

Ryan and I had a somewhat busy weekend… Friday night we stayed up late, taking pictures of our dogs in wedding attire, and printing pictures in our bathroom-turned-darkroom for Todd’s birthday present. Saturday I attempted to sleep in, but that was thwarted when I got call after call related to wedding and shower planning. In all, I conversed with Ryan, his mom, Meme, Shelly (a family friend of theirs who is throwing me a shower), and my mom. Just insane. I finally got off the phone, in and out of the shower, and off to Garden Ridge to shop for picture frames and wrapping goods for Todd. The crowds were awful, and I passed most of my time there talking on the phone with Rachael, which was entertaining.

I stopped by a few other stores trying to find something stunning and cool to wear, and my ensuing frustration was just further motivation to stick to my diet. Needless to say, I found neither a stunner or something cool, and opted for a last-year Old Navy shirt, jeans, and my funky scarf tied headband-style in my hair. Ryan assured me that I looked great, but just knowing how annoyed I had been by (1) the lack of anything remotely interesting to wear to a birthday party and (2) the fact that anything I thought I could like was hopelessly small or just ill-fitting, I was just not feeling very festive. Nevertheless, we went to Rachel’s place and partied down, where I was pretty good about eating but had quite a lot of wine. But I had a great time, and we were home by midnight.

Sunday we were both a bit on the hung-over side, but Ryan went to work. I slept in and spent a good part of the day with the dogs. Made salmon for dinner and we watched part of the Oscars, which was mildly interesting and left me really thinking I need to see “Brokeback Mountain.”

Ryan texted me today and he went to see “Brokeback” – without me!! – at the Bijou, and he’s going to meet his mom and sister at David’s Bridal to get Robin’s bridesmaid dress. I have to go to Sam’s with Meme sometime this week to get stuff for the cake table, and I want to get a new pair of walking shoes since my current pair is crap. Mostly tonight I want to go work out to make up for the relative inactivity of the weekend. I think I need to get the endorphins going again, if only to combat the wedding planning jitters.


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  1. Your blog won’t work with my bloglines subscription. I’m getting an error message.

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