Well, I really don’t want to be awake yet, but Ryan flew out the door about 20 minutes ago. After brushing my teeth and checking my email, I decided to blog a bit before trying to go back to sleep.

Went out last night with Ryan to Spaghetti Warehouse downtown. Dinner was pretty decent, just had spaghetti with tomato sauce and sauteed mushrooms and a (rather un-special) salad. A big group of friends or family, we weren’t sure which, were sitting a few feet away celebrating a birthday. We indulged in the silliness of singing “Happy Birthday” to Jose loudly with everyone else. But it was fun to watch them joke and tease with each other, and it reminded me of our big group of friends in Joplin who were always willing to take on any goofiness that was set in our way… hence the frequency of our trips to karaoke bars and willingness to blissfully shake our moneymakers in bars with skanky coeds. I do miss that.

After dinner, Ryan called Todd and we decided to meet them where they were, at Rebar on Broadway. It was a pretty cool place, decked out (as you may imagine) in construction rebar, lots of iron and steel everywhere. But my favorite feature was the bathroom stall with the sliding door and the massive rebar bolt that slid right into the wall and locked securely. All bathrooms should be that secure… no more of those little crap locks I usually see in bars! Or at Bar America, where having the door closed is a sort of honor system… because there is no lock!

After Rebar, Rachel called it a night, and Todd, Adam, Ryan and I decided to head across the street where Mike D of the Beastie Boys was apparently spinning. Turns out everyone else knew that, so we opted to not stay in the line and pay cover and went next door to Karma, which is owned by the main male anchor at the Fox affiliate. It was all right, but I suspect a bit overpriced (hey, it’s a bar on Broadway!) and definitely loud (a DJ with live drummer playing in a very small room). We had a drink and then Todd and Adam left, as did Ryan and I shortly thereafter.

We kind of wanted to stay out, but couldn’t find anything else to do (well, I wanted to go listen to jazz at Oak Hills Tavern Jazz Annex) so we just went home and called it a night. That was fine, as I had only had 3 mixed drinks but was already buzzed enough to not drive. And I’m usually the one that drives. So that was plenty for me.

So now I’m gonna think about going back to sleep, because a hangover, however minor, is not any way to start a Saturday.


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