back to work

After a fun weekend of wine and cheese with Rachael in town, it’s back to work for me today. But work is not really work, as my boss is on a business trip in New York, and my other co-worker in my group is on vacation all week in Florida. (Spring Break? I think so!) So it looks to be a quiet – almost TOO quiet – week for me at the office.

At home, however, I think things are just about to get really busy. I have GOT to go work out tonight after a generally slacky week last week, and a weekend that saw nothing but 20 minutes of Rodney Yee yoga video to my credit. Uhh… yeah. Could definitely have put in more time at work on myself this weekend. Actually, I would have but for the chick at the counter at the gym, who wouldn’t honor the guest pass they mailed us because Rache doesn’t live in San Antonio. While I understand it is mostly a recruiting device… damn! that’s just not fair!

I did eat fairly well this weekend, considering my food habits are usually very vice-laden on weekends, particularly when I have visitors. But Rache and I both were pretty good.

I’m going to Sherman this weekend, since Ryan is leaving this weekend to go to Oklahoma City for a photography conference. Just hate being home alone for that long… I can only find so much to say to the dogs. Have tentative plans to have lunch with my old friend David, whose father passed away very recently. It will be good to see him, and to visit with my folks, whom I haven’t seen since they came down for Labor Day weekend. Good grief, I’m a bad daughter!! Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be fielding lots of questions from various people at my parents’ church about how the wedding planning is going… that should be lovely. “Yeah, having wedding nightmares. Must buy strapless bra. Booked a caterer though, so I haven’t had that dream in a while…”

Okay, back to looking moderately busy at work. I swear, this is gonna be one hell of a long do-nothing week…


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