another dull day

While a few years ago, the prospect of a work day in which I had to do nothing all day would have been awesome, I guess maturity has won out… I am miserably bored. I don’t even have a project to fake-work on. I have NOTHING on the agenda except to be in the office between 8 and 5, to get my boss’s calls and read Wikipedia.

The two most exciting parts of the day so far have been (1) conducting a 5-minute conference call for the team members not in New York who, like me, weren’t sure if we were having the weekly call or not, and (2) covering the phone and front desk for the HR temp while she sat in on the HR meeting.

Quelle rapture.

Last night was good, on a lighter note. I got off work, and Ryan and I went to the gym… he decided to do the spinning class, while I opted to do some endurance on the elliptical. My mental goal was 30 minutes, 2 miles, or 400 calories, whichever was highest. (Came in at 33 minutes, 2.13 miles, and 400 calories.) I followed that up with some fairly relaxed but feel-good stretching and a few sets of ab exercises. I weighed myself too, and I’m at 262.5… 7.5 lbs less than when I started my diet! So it’s definitely working, and the weight loss is just further motivation to stick with it.

After the gym, we went to Meme’s for dinner (pot roast and veggies) and then went home to blitz the apartment (as much cleaning as possible in 15 minutes). We followed that up with a trip to the Flying Saucer, where it was $2.50 pint night. But somehow I ended up pulling a menu item that was a bottle, so I ended up having a $4 cider. Grrrr!! The stupid waitress didn’t even bother offering to take it back, even after I was clearly upset and asked her why she had brought me a bottle. It’s not my fault that their computer for the UFO club is buggy and sometimes pulls up bottles in the draft list…

I was kinda peeved after that, but it was okay… I went to bed shortly after we got home and it wasn’t so hard to get outta bed today. This week is dragging on so slowly, though… I hope the afternoon moves a little quicker!


2 responses to “another dull day

  1. I know how you feel about not having anything to do at work. That’s my work pretty much all the time. That’s why I’m looking for a new job! Anyway, keep it up on the weight loss stuff. It’s tough to do, but I’m glad you’re staying motivated!

  2. what is “spinning” class? I’m getting a mental image of loyd putting his forehead on the end of a baseball bat and spinning in circles.

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