home once again

This weekend was fast and furious, jam-packed with trying to reconnect to my hometown and the people there for a very brief trip. I only spent 36 hours in Sherman, and 13½ on the road.

The weekend started on Friday night, when I learned that the weather was getting bad in North Texas. Here in San Antonio, it was warm and pleasant, but bittersweet. I had packed everything in the car except for the dogs by the time Ryan got home, and we had a quick goodbye dinner at Lai Wah’s (our favorite cheap Chinese food place) and then I dropped him off and hit the road.

The trip was going very well until I got around Hillsboro, when it started getting very rainy. It kept raining, getting particularly bad in Dallas, which is tricky to navigate anyway. I arrived in Denison, just north of Sherman, at 2am Saturday morning… the rain still coming down. Jake had offered to let me stay at his place, and he met me with an umbrella. Between the two of us, we got my stuff into the house very quickly.

I crashed around 2:30 and woke up around 10. I was eager to get my day going because I was supposed to have lunch with a friend from high school. But he ended up sticking closer to his library so he could study. I was a bit sad to not see him, but I understand that it’s necessary to keep priorities straight. I went to Johnny Carino’s with mom instead, and we spent the afternoon shopping and having a good time. It was very weird to shop around Sherman though, has so much has changed in the past few years. Sherman is starting to look the same as McKinney and Plano and all those other towns along Highway 75 north of Dallas.

After Dad got home from the theater, we met Jake at Cheddar’s for dinner, then ran to Hobby Lobby (where we were chased out by “craft nazis”… well, I guess they had to close the store…) and Wal-mart. I headed back to Jake’s and watched “Napoleon Dynamite” with a few glasses of Yellow Tail cabernet…. I don’t know if I will ever “get” that movie, regardless of whatever substances are in use. But it was kind of funny, anyway.

Did IHOP for breakfast with the folks and Marty, then went to church. Jake and I ended up skipping Sunday School and chatting for an hour with our godfather, Billy. He’s got a cool warped sense of humor, so he’s a lot of fun to catch up with. We did have the occasional interruption from church ladies congratulating me on my wedding (um, hello, I’ve been engaged for a YEAR now and I’ve been back to Sherman since then!).

Church was good… Dad was assisting minister and Mom was communion assistant, so Jake and I got drafted to bring the communion bread to the altar. Chatted after church with some people I grew up with (and babysat!!) and donated a little money for the youth group to go to San Antonio this summer. I was glad to do it, because I was the first president of that youth group, and I remember how fired up we all were after we got back from the national gathering in New Orleans in 1997… I can’t believe it’s been 9 years! But I’m so glad the youth group is still thriving, and mostly because the youth are keeping it going. That’s very encouraging.

The trip back to San Antonio (after a farewell lunch with the folks at Chili’s) was LONG!!! I left Sherman at 2pm, got to San Antonio at 9:30, and finally moved all the crap in from the car by 10. I’m so glad to be home, although it’s awfully lonely with Ryan up in Norman for the week. I think he’s enjoying the conference, though.

I guess it’s time for the puppies and me to go to sleep. I’ve gotta go to work tomorrow! Not a very restful weekend (and quite soggy) but it was nice to see my family again. I’m really looking forward to everyone being together for the wedding in June!


One response to “home once again

  1. It’s sad how Sherman is slowly being absorbed by the vast amoeba that is big box sprawl, but what can ya do? I guess there’s more to do there now than there was when we were in high school.

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