long week

Okay, I have become completely spoiled to live with Ryan. The two of us can take on so much more than me by myself. I have, this week, tried (and failed) to pick up a UPS package, done some laundry, and tried to take some time to pay attention to the dogs. I’m sure it doesn’t sound like much… but it just seems that everything goes faster when Ryan is sharing the time with me. It’s not even the division of labor… it’s just that things aren’t quite so much of a chore when he’s around.

I have, in my general possession, my wedding invitations and associated inserts. It’s just… wow. So official. And now comes the onerous task of addressing and stuffing and mailing the legions of invitations. Yikes!

I also got my garter set in the mail. I’m not sure how these were ever sexy… perhaps because they are usually portrayed on thighs more shapely than mine. Ah well, it’s a nod to tradition. I’m not worried about it too much.

Ryan comes home tomorrow and I can stop feeling so much like a single doggie mother. Geez. I’m going to be glad to see him for more reasons than just that, though…for the sheer fact that we haven’t seen each other since last Friday, and the fact that I’ll have a dinner partner, and a wine buddy, and someone more considerate than Barker and Hailey to share the bed with. 🙂

I’m ready to dry my hair and hit the hay… good night. Sorry I’ve been a blog slacker!


One response to “long week

  1. Do you need my address? I hope I can come to your wedding, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

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