feed me

Okay, the dietary change is making a difference. I get full a lot faster, I don’t want to eat as much, my resistance to cravings is stronger, my sweet tooth has been largely replaced by my fruit tooth.

But I think I’m not eating enough.

I’m not one to go off and develop an eating disorder, and I don’t really deny myself things that I really, really want (as opposed to things I eat because I’m bored). But when I went to eDiets to enter in my meals from yesterday I discovered that I had consumed less than 1000 calories yesterday, even including a beer.

It’s a little disturbing. And I’ve really noticed a change… not necessarily for the better. While it’s been some time since I stepped on the scale, I do know that having a horrible headache – for two days – and being ten times more sarcastic and impatient than I usually am – is not healthy. Fat or skinny, I don’t want to be mean and gripy.

I’ve been trying to remind myself that I need to eat at least 400 calories at a meal, or snack on something healthy in between (gum and green tea is not a snack, it’s a diversion). I’ve reduced my caloric intake, but I need to find my way back to that happy medium so my brain doesn’t feel starved and angry, even if my stomach doesn’t care.


4 responses to “feed me

  1. I don’t know if this is the case with you, but I made BIG changes to my diet (like from chicken fried steak to salads). I went through a similar phase as the one you are describing and I felt tired all the time. It lasted about a week.

    I did find that on days I was working out I needed to make a conscious effort to eat some carbs. No creamy pasta or mashed potatoes, but rice or such. It helps. Also, fattier (good fat) stuff for breakfast helps, like a little peanut butter.

    Note that I am no nutritionist, this is only what I’ve found.

  2. Sounds like a blood sugar headache–ugh! I get those sometimes when I have to skip a meal.

    Thanks for the call last night btw. It was really nice to hear from you! I’ll call you back sometime (when I’m not in Japan…I leave on Friday! WOOHOO!)

  3. Wishful thoughts

    Just remember its all about balance, not deprivation. Like you told me….power bars, etc can make well balanced substitutes for those occassions when you know that your going to be rushed, working through lunch or going to the gym after work. Def keep an eye on your blood sugar and monitor when you are getting the headaches–is it an all day headache, or at 10am and 2pm (the normal time for bloodsugar levels to drop)? Hopefully your body will tell you what it needs to achieve equilibrium and still stay healthy.

    I’ll call you later.

  4. I like to call all of this Bridal Bootcamp. And frankly, my friend…it sucks!

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