late in coming

Okay, I haven’t written in ages but things have been busy! More responsibility at work has been keeping me challenged but engaged, so that’s nice. The huge iceberg that is wedding planning is being chipped down to a manageable size, and eventually it will just be the ice cubes in my honeymoon cruise cocktails. Hurrah!!

This past weekend I abandoned my poor fiancé and drove down to Galveston to visit Rachael. We had no real agenda but to enjoy the warm, sunny weekend. Friday night we managed to eat our fill of shrimp and oysters at Joe’s Crab Shack for less than $20 (including a generous tip for our nervous but funny waitress). We wandered the Strand Saturday afternoon after sleeping really late, and got some homemade ice cream, sampled some taffy, perused the icky tourist shirts (although much nicer than the ones in Port A) and drank cold beer while we shopped… I love any town that lets you do that. Saturday night we had happy hour appetizers and cheap beer for dinner at this great restaurant/bar called The Spot, and Rache engaged herself in some mild flirting-for-a-light with the guy at the next table.

Saturday night we went over to her friend Carissa’s, where we drank more beer and watched Brokeback Mountain, which I do want to see again in a more clairified state. But it was great, I thought. (I realize most people either love it or hate it… but there’s no denying that it’s beautiful, if nothing else.) We slept in Sunday and grabbed brunch with Thema, another friend of Rachael’s, at a lovely little cafe off the Strand. Had soup, sandwiches, and beignets… and mimosas! Soooo ladies-who-lunch.

It was a great weekend, but it was also great to get back to Ryan and the pups. I took Monday off for a doctor’s appointment and then ate Indian food for lunch with Ryan. We spent part of the afternoon shopping for wedding stuff and stuffing more wedding invitations. It never ends, does it?

Started our pre-marital counseling last Wednesday with Pastor Greg. It was interesting and fun, I thought… I felt like we were able to learn a lot about one anothers’ personality and where we’re coming from when making decisions and just approaching life in general. We also started getting the ceremony in order… I think that’s been the most exciting part to me, deciding what we’re actually going to say and thinking in specific terms about the promises we’ll make to one another. Whee!! Our second appointment is tomorrow evening, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Today my boss is in NY again, so another slow-ish day. Fine with me! 🙂 I like it that way from time to time!


2 responses to “late in coming

  1. Welcome back Sarah. Ever go to myspace? It’s the “new thing” for the KSN crew.
    Gotta love it.

  2. Oh, I love beach weekends. Sounds like a great/relaxing time.

    I’ve always been interested in pre-marital counseling–what happens, what questions pastors ask, etc. Glad you found it interesting and fun. I think I would, too.

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