No, I have not reached my goal. I’ve upped my goal. I’ve decided that losing 100 lbs would still not put me in the “healthy” realm of weight, so I’ve decided to go for almost 1/2 of my original weight… 130 lbs.

Mind you, I’ve lost 14 so far. That’s 10.7% of my new goal. And I figure that slapping 30 more pounds on my goal is not much, when you consider the grand scheme of things.

Of course, there will be many, many milestones in between. Losing 20 lbs. Breaking 200 (in a GOOD way). No longer feeling my thighs brush together. Losing that original 100 lbs. Weighing less than I did as a fat gal in JUNIOR HIGH. Feeling like the woman I was meant to be – funky, confident, fun, creative, unstoppable – rather than the woman I have had to become.

So many milestones. But each pound – each half-pound! – is a victory for me. It’s slowing down the clock, giving me more time to enjoy life. (Yes, I’ll be honest… I do fear dying of being heavy. What a stupid way to go.) It means living to the fullest of my imagination, instead of until I get worn out.

I know these little self-pep talks are probably helpful only to me, but it feels good to write them down. I don’t want to struggle with my weight. I want to kick my weight to the curb, down the drain, wherever all the weight goes when we “lose” it. I want to lose it and never, ever find it again.

14 pounds down, 116 to go. I’ll end up at 140. But that’s not just 130 pounds lighter… that’s miles away from where I started! What an exciting journey to be on!


2 responses to “gooooooaaaaal!!!

  1. Sounds like you are doing a GREAT job and that you are so motivated. What’s your secret?

    I love what you said: Feeling like the woman I was meant to be, rather than the woman I have had to become.

  2. UR so great!
    I luv you

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