Who knew they show “Saved By The Bell” on Adult Swim? Lots of people, probably… but not me or Ryan! We watched part of it last night, drinking peach wine from a winery in Fredericksburg and chilling out, for once. We had a relatively laid-back evening… we headed to the gym, did some workin’ out, then changed and went to Chili’s for dinner. (Counterintuitive? I think so!) I was planning on just having the Guiltless Grill Salmon with tea, but got peer-pressured into getting a delicious margarita made with Patrón… $8. (Worth it? I think so!) Ryan had a Presidente Margarita, and we both felt totally indulged. Meanwhile, we managed to blow the entire $50 gift card my boss got me for Administrative Professionals Day. I don’t think I have ever spent that much at Chili’s for TWO people… but then again, we don’t usually drink margaritas there, either! We did see some (probably) former Clark HS students who were whooping it up across from us, and one girl’s belt fell off when she stood up. That was entertaining, and I (and probably Ryan) felt a little self-righteous older-but-wiser giggle rise up inside.

I’m very sleepy today, but thankfully I get to leave around 2pm, as they’re shutting the office down early for Fiesta. I’m thinking siesta instead! (No one has ever made that joke, I assure you…)

I just spotted a woman in the cafeteria with the OLDEST cell phone I’ve seen in quite a while! Amazing artifact you’re chatting on there, Edith!

Man, I have got to go back to bed.


One response to “saved!

  1. dude! That’s so cool about saved by the bell! They used to only show it at like 6 am on USA.

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