here comes the…

..non-cliched music. I hope. I know that millions of people have gotten married over the past several hundred years, and that there really isn’t anything new under the sun. But the right music is important to me. Luckily, the Lutheran church frowns on the ol’ “Wedding March,” which delights me… that is about the most overplayed piece at weddings, next to the Chicken Dance (which I may not be able to avoid, as my darling fiancé and his friends just LOVE it). At any rate, tonight we’re meeting with the organist, which will be the last piece of the ceremony puzzle. So things are finally falling into place!

I need a nap. Oy.

Rachael told me she’s buying the house irrespective of the termite/roof issues, so the site for the bachelorette party (home base, anyway) is decided! Woohoo! I’m so excited to attend a wedding event I don’t have to plan! Actually, the first one of those will be this week – the shower at Harmony Baptist. Wow, I can’t believe it’s so close!!

And another thing… this is my last month as a “single” gal! Wow!!


One response to “here comes the…

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock…..and on time marches… Can’t wait for the week of festivities to arrive. And is the Chicken Dance really that bad? At least its not the Hokey Pokey 🙂

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