busy night

Yesterday evening was well spent, but I missed just being at home. I got home from work and was there long enough to set down my purse, change shirts, feed the dogs, pick up my purse and get back on the road. I multitasked, trying to navigate and email addresses to Veronica for a shower from my phone (from whence this blog entry is also coming). Ryan and I had planned to drive by a house we saw online and liked that’s for sale, but unfortunately we were lodged in commuter traffic and had to turn back to make our appointment with Gayle, our organist.

Gayle is a small woman who plays the organ in a big way. She’s got a good sense of humor and she was very patient as she played through some musical selections (sometimes several times) so we could pick and choose what we wanted to have her play at the wedding. We ended up going with a lot of Handel – five pieces, including 2 movements from “Water Music” for the processional. I was so glad that Ryan liked the “Water Music” pieces, because I played part of it in a double reed quintet in college and had fond memories of sitting in the music annex – a small house converted to practice space across the street from the fine arts building – laughing our way through practices, but mostly just enjoying the fellowship of playing the music. And hey, the recessional is “The Rejoicing” from “Fireworks Music.” How cool is that??

After our musical consultation, we met Todd, Rachel, Meagan, and Adam for dinner at Tomatillos, where I splurged on a cheese enchilada and beef crispy taco. Mercy. I felt crappy later. 😦

We finally left the restaurant around 9:30-ish and Ryan drove us by the house that we hadn’t made it to earlier, and we both really liked it and the neighborhood it’s in. It’s definitely on the high end of our budget, but I still think we need to tour it. The yard would be perfect for the dogs, and for relaxing (and for the hammock I’ve wanted forever now). It backs up to a greenbelt and the HEB is practically around the corner. It’s also lots closer to Citi!

We got home around 11, and I started working on the wedding program. Fell into bed around 12:30, and while I was definitely exhausted, I just couldn’t fall asleep. (I blame the enchilada.) It wasn’t serious, though, and I drifted off sometime after 1am, mumbling to Ryan about something.

I’m tired today but in a good mood… I even got out of the house and on the road early today! Ryan called me this morning, very upset, which worried me a lot at first because his mom is having a hysterectomy today. But he had gone to the dentist – the same office he went to for years before we moved – and they didn’t check his insurance before his appointment. So of course, he got stuck with a big bill for a nothing appointment (not even a cleaning!) and was really upset about it. We talked it over and I think it will be fine, if irritating.

Back to business, I suppose… I’m so wishing I could cop a nap somewhere…


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