oh, no… I’m so sleepy

Patrick Kennedy is, at this moment, giving a presser (statement, really) to talk about his addiction to painkillers. So was he sleepdriving Wednesday morning after taking Ambien, as he says he was, or just plain high?

Anyway… I so don’t need sleep medication lately, I just need to devote more time to sleeping. Last night was probably my earliest bedtime of the week, at 11:30. We’d gone to Meme’s to visit Ryan’s mom (who got home from the hospital yesterday) and eat dinner. While we were there, we also addressed rehearsal dinner invitations so Sandy wouldn’t have to worry about it.

We got home around 10:15ish, and Todd came over to hang out shortly thereafter. We watched “Friends” and were getting into Letterman when KENS broke in with some somewhat amusing severe weather coverage. Amusing under the circumstances, anyway. The executive producer, our friend Stuart, was doing an on-air phoner from his apartment balcony… and the conversation for a bit sounded like a casual chat about the weather (“Whoa! The gazebo is blown over!”). Todd left before the worst of the storm hit our place, which it did later. I went to bed at 11:30 to the sound of rain pounding the apartment… which managed to drown out the noise in my head. Pretty welcome to me, really.

Ryan woke me up about an hour later to show me his phoner on KENS (he had been calling some neighboring counties) and it was hard to muster excitement in my sleepy state. Still, I was impressed that he took the initiative to do that!!

Well, back to work… it’s been a blessedly slow day today, and hopefully it will be a slow evening as well!


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