go spurs go!

San Antonio is in a state of cautious merriment today, after the Spurs pulled out a nailbiter against the Mavericks last night.  It was yet another one of those up-until-the-last-moment-can-they-do-it games, where the possibility of blowing it at the buzzer was still very real.  But they didn’t, and they eked out a victory by one little point.  Now I’m the first person to revel in small victories, but I like my big victories to be by a bigger margin… if only for comfort’s sake.  Next game, Friday @ 8:30pm on KENS TV (the official station of the Spurs, of course!) and ESPN (for those who want to cheer from outside the DMA).
The shower was great on Sunday… very relaxing for all in attendance, and I thank those of you who were able to attend.  (And those who weren’t, I hope you did something equally relaxing that day… that’s all I ask!)  Veronica indulged all of us with massages (chair massages for the guests, and a full-body massage for me afterwards, wooo!), fondue, wine, and some lovely aromatherapy candles.  It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Last night (before the game… geez this entry is disjointed) we grabbed dinner at Chili’s in the Quarry with Adam, Rachel, Todd and Meagan for Adam’s birthday.  I had a burger… which I hadn’t done in a long time.  Totally worth it. Delightful!  We talked at length about Todd’s summer job as a “Kirby dealer,” better known as “vacuum cleaner salesperson” or “sucker.”  (That will take a while to get old!)  He sounds pretty excited about it, and it doesn’t sound totally awful, but I hope that it doesn’t prove to be a scam… I know that my days shilling credit card point-of-sale machines were really tough.  It only lasted for 2 weeks… but it was way too hard for me and I was just not cut out for sales.  Hope he does better than I did!
Janette is on a plane back to Texas as we speak, and tomorrow I’m driving up to Dallas to hang with her there for a night, then we’re going to Sherman on Saturday for a wedding shower at my parents’ church (the congregation in which I grew up).  I’m really looking forward to it.  But of course, this is the last shower, which means next weekend is the bachelorette party, which means the weekend after that is the wedding.  Holy cats… this thing is getting so close!!  (I can’t wait!!)

One response to “go spurs go!

  1. Hey! carissa will be in Dallas this weekend for a training thing. Maybe ya’ll could all go out. She’s flying up there tonight.

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