time ticking by

It’s less than two weeks till the wedding… oh my. I had my last shower up in Sherman Saturday afternoon, graciously hosted by Janette and attended by lots of ladies that watched as I grew up in the church. We got some very nice gifts and a lot of gift cards to Target, and it was fun all around.

Mostly, it was good to see Janette and my family again. I stayed with Janette in Addison Friday night, where we watched “What Not to Wear” and game 6 of the Spurs/Mavs series and drank beer and just played catchup in general. Jake let us crash at his house Saturday night, after we went out for drinks with my family and one of my parents’ friends. Sunday we did breakfast at IHOP, church, then Starbucks afterwards. It was a good weekend.

I was glad to get back home to Ryan, and we stayed up fairly late Sunday night putting away shower gifts and eating French bread pizza (our favorite go-to, cant-think-of-anything-to-cook dinner). Was very tired yesterday, but managed to throw together dinner… some spaghetti with a creamy, sort of cheesy sauce with sauteed mushrooms and onions. We had a bottle of shiraz, drank from our new balloon glasses. Yum!

I can’t believe the wedding is so close… the bachelorette party is this weekend, and the wedding next weekend! I’m just amazed. We’ll get everything done, I know, but it’s just a load of nervous excitement now. Less than two weeks to go… I don’t know what to say, except WOW!!!


4 responses to “time ticking by

  1. Wishful thoughts

    Da dum da dum, da dum da dum…..I can hear the wedding march already (or I could if you were playing it at your wedding 🙂 ) Mostly I just want you to know how happy and excited I am for you and how much I am looking forward to celebrating your special week and day. If you need me just call. I’m heading onto the road for the Austin/Round Rock/San Marcos Audits then its time to celebrate!! Just a few more days!

  2. I’m so excited! I think you’ll enjoy what Janette and I have worked out for your bachelorette. It’s quite nice and girly. No Strippers! But if you change your mind at the last minute, I promise we won’t get one that looks like Danny DeVito!

  3. It’s such an exciting time. I’m glad your showers were fun. It sounds like y’all will have fun shopping at Target for the stuff you don’t receive. Paul and I used our Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards for about 6 months I think as we set up our apartment. Have fun these last two weeks, and try to enjoy the wedding. Don’t worry about the last minute details on the day of, just revel in the plans you’ve made, and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

  4. WOW!!! (That’s all I can say, too!) So excited for you. 🙂 🙂

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