3… 2… 1…

Well, tomorrow the wedding will be 3 days away. Things are falling into place… the bachelorette party in Galveston was a blast. Janette rented a limousine, and the five of us – Janette, Rachael, Rachel, Meagan, and me – rode up and down the seawall, drinking champagne and vodka drinks and laughing and just having an awesome time together. It was cool to bring in friends from different stages/segments of my life and see them all get along and have so much fun together. We had a great seafood dinner before polishing off our last bottle of champagne in the limo.

Sunday, we met up with Mom and Dad who had gotten in on Saturday. They came over and I made chicken for dinner, and we enjoyed some good conversation. When my parents finally left around 10:30, Janette went to bed and Ryan and I drove up to San Marcos to spend one last evening with Todd, Jesse, and Mike in their apartment. I’m glad that we went, because we laughed a lot with them and it was just fun to hang out.

Monday we slept in, and then went to lunch at Simi’s with my folks. Janette and Ryan split off and my parents and I went to the craft stores at Crossroads Mall. We went back to our places and relaxed for a bit before they came back over for dinner… Janette made her famous beef stroganoff, which was delightful as usual. We all went to Flying Saucer for drinks after that, which was fun, but we got in pretty late.

We spent today mostly in Seguin… we got our marriage license, and checked out the AV equipment in the reception hall, and also paid the bakery and got a refund from the florist. My parents bought some vinyl privacy trellis to cover some double doors in the reception hall, but when they drove back to San Antonio, the trellis apparently slipped out the back of the truck (they had it mostly inside the camper shell).

So… tonight Janette, Mike, Ryan and I went to Olive Garden for dinner, and then moseyed around The Shops at La Cantera for a while. We kind of got stuck at Sharper Image when all four of us ended up parking ourselves in massage chairs and testing out the other handheld massage equipment. Ryan remarked that it’s a wonder that they make any money there… all people ever seem to do there is go sit in the massage chairs! 🙂

Now we’re chilling at home, waiting for Priscilla’s flight to get in (she’s been delayed three times now) around 1:30. Ah well… such is the airline industry!!

Tomorrow is Ryan’s bachelor party and then it’s a slippery slope towards the wedding! It seems like this week is flying by… which I knew it would! But I’m amazed at just how fast. I’m not going to miss my single life… I’m really looking forward to being married and spending my life with Ryan!!


One response to “3… 2… 1…

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time at the bachelorette party! I’m sorry I didn’t get to go. I’d like to make up for it by visiting you guys again and going out to dinner someplace really nice. We’ll figure it out sometime.

    See you Saturday!

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