listless lists

The first weird side effect of being married… a strange desire to make lists.

Perhaps it was all the wedding planning, the need to not forget all those little things for that big day. But Monday, my last day off before going back to work, Ryan and I were going to go run errands… and I needed (yes, NEEDED) a list to go by during the day. Go to the post office. Make the bank deposit. Drop off film. Eat lunch!

Today… the need is still there. Go to DPS office and get new license with new name. List bills to be paid tomorrow. (A list within a list!) Get hair cut.

This is so not me. It has to be the “wife” thing. Something in me has changed from carefree single gal to listmaking quasi-organized woman. I just hope I don’t get naggy… or has it happened already? :O


One response to “listless lists

  1. Wishful thoughts

    the need to make lists is not a bad thing!! some of us live our lives by them đŸ™‚ anyhow a part of u will always be carefree and single at heart, only now it is blended with the joy of sharing ur life with someone whom u absolutely love!! all in all not a bad trade off! btw…i’m sending this from my phone….u would be so proud of me!

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