a few more pictures

Now, these aren’t wedding pictures… sorry!! I PROMISE, as soon as we get the link from our photographer, we’ll put it up and you can all get sick on wedding pictures.

This is the view of the sleepy little town of Galveston, as seen from our room on Deck 9 of the Carnival Conquest. We had finally got through customs and on the boat and were about to have to do a lifeboat drill, but what do you think we did first? Yep… take a picture from our room. Pretty cool looking, though, huh?

So here’s Ryan, as we leave Galveston (having successfully completed the lifeboat drill with no casualties), chatting on his cell phone with his mom. That’s okay, I was sending emails to my folks with pictures from the boat (the ones you’re seeing now).

A yacht looking very small as it putters through Galveston Bay.

Ryan enjoying some wine on the Sun Deck, on our last night on the boat. We busted out one of the bottles Janette had sent us back from California that we’d smuggled onto the boat, and enjoyed it with another couple that was seated with us at dinner. I think Ryan looks very Thurston-Howellian here… very “Hello Lovey, shall we have some wine on the Sun Deck?”

The smokestack of our boat, along with the bright lights that were always on at night. What surprised me – maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did – is that the smokestack serves as the Carnival mascot, Fun Ship Freddy… a large anthropomorphic smokestack with a permagrin. Yeeks. We did get our picture taken with FSF, which perhaps I will post later if I can get off my hiney and scan some pictures… or persuade my husband to do so.

Okay, that’s it for now! Back to work, you slackers!


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