doggie bash… wedding thoughts

…no, I don’t mean walloping on dogs… I came across this fun article at MSN on dog parties. Yes, I’m a nerd and I would totally do this… except Ryan and I live in an apartment, none of our friends have dogs, and our dogs are ridiculously excitable around other dogs and it probably wouldn’t be very much fun. Ah well, the idea of a bunch of dogs playing “Musical Chairs” cracks me up, anyway.

By the way, I think Hailey has a crush on Todd. He’s come over twice in the past week and every time he’s here, she gravitates toward him like his pants are stuffed with dog biscuits. (That sounded weird, didn’t it?) She just goes over and melts into a big puddle of “scratch me” dogginess. It’s pretty funny, but Ryan may be a little annoyed… I told him that hey, she sees him all the time and she just gets excited because she doesn’t get to see Todd as often. Why Todd, I don’t know… but she didn’t really like Adam, I think. Go figure.

Last night we went over to my mother-in-law’s house for dinner, which was cool. Now that Ryan and I are married, my in-laws are definitely treating me like family. They tease me like everyone else (in a good way, not in a mean way) and nobody holds back on conversation just because I’m there. But I’m glad that they don’t, because I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m intruding on anything… so I’m thankful that I’ve become pretty integrated into the bunch.

We hauled home a bunch of wedding stuff, including my wedding dress, which I deposited there before we left for our honeymoon. It was strange to see it again after more than two weeks… I don’t know why. Just knowing that I’ll never have another reason to wear this dress is weird. And while I have never been a super-sentimental person (I didn’t cry at graduation, either one of them; “The Time Of Your Life” never made me want to hang on to high school forever), this wedding has turned me into one. I looked at the dress and all of the memories of the wedding day came back, and how I felt when all of my bridesmaids helped me put it on, and how I felt when Ryan saw me in it for the first time, and how relieved I was to take it off when the day was over. But now, I think… what do I do with it? Do I just keep it as a very cumbersome but powerful memento of my wedding day? Do I get it cleaned and sell it on eBay to another gal who has exquisite taste (if I do say so myself) and a little cushion for the pushin’? I have no idea… I suspect that I will keep it. My mom kept hers, and while there was no way I could have worn it when I got married (as she was TEENY when she got married in ’78), it was still cool when she took it out of her closet once and showed me the row of a million buttons, the faded lace, the edge of her veil. My dress is not so detailed, but I can describe to my daughter (or future daughter-in-law, maybe?) someday how my friends helped me put it on, laced up the back… how they all signed the bottom of my shoe as we waited to go to the chapel together, how Rachael kept crying every time I looked at her! I will love to tell my daughter that story someday as I show her my dress, and look at pictures, and she will wonder at her parents being so young, so long ago.

Yeah, I’ve definitely turned into a sentimental person.


3 responses to “doggie bash… wedding thoughts

  1. I’ve been waiting for a post-wedding post! And since I’ve been sans internet, I figured it might be a while before I heard from you. Congratulations, newlyweds!

    The part about Rachael crying every time you looked at her reminds me of, um, EVERY wedding I’ve been in so far (okay, that’s only two). I would be totally fine until right before we walked down the aisle. . .and for some reason I found it important to keep looking back at my precious friend, the beautiful bride, whom I’ve experienced so many crazy things with, and cry. Even though I knew it would make me cry to look at her, I’d still do it. Silly me!

    Trish’s wedding is next. . .oh goodness. 🙂

  2. OK Sarah, I totally understand how you feel. That’s so awesome. I am crying as I type this. I remember my wedding so dearly and how much I wish my dad had been there to walk me down the aisle. My God-father did it, and he’s a close second, but my dad would have loved to be there. The great thing about in-laws is that you get a whole new family to learn about. I am so into family trees and stuff, so it’s interesting to see the dynamics of a whole new family. And, John, my father-in-law is a great second dad, but he’ll never replace my own dad ya know?

    Anyway, sorry to talk about something so sad when you guys are reveling in being happy. I don’t know if Ryan asked you but we’re hoping we can stay with you guys on July 1. We’re going tubing and hotels are stuffed full. And, Ryan said it’s game night. I may have to study up on Hold-em or Texas Two Step or whatever it is that you guys play. Oh, wait, Texas Two Step is a lotto game isn’t it? I’m a huge dork.

    And speaking of, I took the whole plastic thing yesterday at the drive in bank and drove away. Luckily I was going to Kroger a block away and realized it.

  3. I would drive in all the way from Austin with my doggies for a dog party! But Cocoa would get pretty antsy in the car. Someday, though, you and Ryan should come up and visit our puppies (and us too)–you guys are more than welcome to come here for a getaway weekend.

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