google in the future

By the way… I wonder if in the future, our kids will Google us? I have a pretty clean slate as far as my married name goes, but quite the web footprint under my maiden name. Wow, it’s like I have a secret identity!

If my kids Google me in the future, they will learn…

…that I worked for two TV stations.
…that I was once a MST3K junkie.
…that my nickname online used to be “bubbles.”
…that I’m left-handed.
…all about my wedding.
…where I went to school.
…that I have (or did have) a tremendous amount of gmail invites to give away.

And who knows what else that has yet to be… very strange to think about it, really.


One response to “google in the future

  1. That’s funny. I’m off to google my name.

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