i bruised my butt, i think

Okay… I actually didn’t chicken out and I went to the Pilates class at the gym yesterday. THE WHOLE CLASS! It was both easier and more difficult than I expected, somehow… the pace of the class was easier than I thought it would be, but many of the actual exercises were really tough for me. Chalk it up to my flagging flexibility and strength in certain muscles in my body that I wasn’t aware existed before yesterday.

I discovered that I do like doing yoga more than Pilates, mostly because yoga focuses not only on strength and flexibility, but also on relaxation. I feel tired AND relaxed after doing yoga… but yesterday I just felt tired. My brain wouldn’t stop thinking during class, and the instructor’s reminders to breathe were actually necessary, unlike with yoga, where I’m so focused on breathing that I don’t really think about it, it just IS.

Some of the things I was thinking about:

  • As the instructor tells us to look in the mirror to make sure we’re doing something correctly: “I’m the fattest person in this class!”
  • Instructor, as we’re in a plow-pose like position: “If you want, you can touch your toes to the floor.” Me, in my head: “I couldn’t, even if I wanted to…”
  • As we’re rolling like a ball: “I think I’m bruising my butt right now.”
  • As we’re drawing big Ds with our feet: “I’m either weak, or my heavy legs are just more difficult to move around.”

The cool-down was not as cooling as I would have hoped, either… I missed laying in corpse pose letting myself melt.

I’m tempted to not go back, but I figure I should give it a chance. I’d like to try the yoga classes there also… they start at 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, which is do-able. The “Simply Yoga” class starts at 5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, right before the Pilates class… but I don’t get off work till 5pm and it’s quite a drive back home (which is close to the gym). Bummer. The Pilates 101 class is on Saturday morning at 11am, so I might try that out and see how I like it.

I feel like I’m really downing this class, but it really wasn’t too bad… I’m just out of shape and it’s difficult for me to enjoy exercise. The instructor was nice and told us to take things slower if we needed to (I don’t think I was the only one having trouble) and did hand me a strap to help with some of the stretching exercises. (Sometimes the strap doesn’t help, though!) The music was pretty relaxing and was a good background to the workout. And the room was fairly dim, which I like… nothing worse than a group workout under harsh fluorescent lights.

But my lower back, right above my butt, hurts like hell today. I think I definitely bruised something back there.


3 responses to “i bruised my butt, i think

  1. I noticed random muscles I never knew I had, too, when I did Pilates for the first time. My sister had a cool video, and I liked it, but it definitely takes effort for me to actually get off of my butt and do it. You go, girl!

    I agree–I think yoga’s better for my body and personality b/c it relaxes yet also strengthens muscles. In fact, I think I’m going to go do some yoga now. . .nothing like starting a new chapter in my life in a centered mindset!

  2. I hate it when the instructors tell you to check your posture in the mirrors! I just hate seeing myself all jiggly in my grody workout clothes. I don’t even do it during aerobics classes.

    Yoga kicks pilates’ butt.

  3. lol… I went to my first yoga class yesterday… and I understand…

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