bombay at the bombay

Last night was a lot of fun… Ryan and I went to Alamo Cafe for dinner, where they have quite possibly the best tortillas in the whole world. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration at all, either. Light, fluffy, just the right bit of chewiness and a few spots that are almost crisp to the teeth from the griddle… oh man, they’re delightful.

Anyway… I digress. After dinner we went home and spent a little time with the puppies so they didn’t feel like we’d forgotten all about them. Then Todd and Rachel came over… we had appletinis and chatted about wedding planning (not ours! yay!) and just sort of relaxed for a bit. Meagan met us in the parking lot and we all drove to an old friend’s apartment to see if he was around, because he has fallen off the face of the earth. Apparently, he really has… he wasn’t there.

After that, we went over to Bombay Bicycle Club on Fredericksburg. I’m not sure why there are TWO of these, but there are, at any rate. One is by the zoo… the one we went to IS a zoo. Nah, it wasn’t that bad, but there was a DJ there from The Beat 98.5 (is that even right?) and it was full of young beautiful people who all threatened to set my skirt on fire with their cigarettes. Not out loud, mind you… but those ciggies were out there just waiting for some tinder, I swear…

We opted to sit on the patio, where I had my first sip of my $5.25 Sapphire & tonic, and declared it to be flat and nasty. Ryan tried it, and agreed, and sweet husband that he is, he took it inside and had them make me a new one. Yay! We sat out and chatted about silly things and enjoyed the humid summer air, and made fun of people coming outside to talk loudly on their cell phones to friends who hadn’t yet made it out to “Bombay.”

Around 1:15ish we decided to go home, and we said our goodbyes in the parking lot of our apartment complex. Todd and Rachel drove off, and then we discovered that Meagan had an extremely flat tire! Ryan called Todd and Rachel back to help, but he ended up really taking charge of the situation and going to work on the tire. I was quite impressed! We went to bed tired but didn’t go to sleep right away. 🙂

Today I have been mostly lazy… I woke up around the crack of 11:30 and watched the end of “Top 20 Countdown” on CMT, then took a shower. “Elizabeth” is on WE right now, and I have it on but really haven’t watched it. The puppies are relaxing at my feet and are probably bored. I’m thinking about firing up the chocolate fountain tonight and having some folks over for a very low-key thing, nothing big… just an excuse to make the chocolate fountain go. Hey, who needs an excuse?


One response to “bombay at the bombay

  1. You can definitely use the chocolate fountain when we’re there this weekend. I love them…we had a huge one at our wedding. Unfortunately my mom is in dallas with all of our wedding pictures. So, i’m bringing a small album with a few pictures in it.

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