ads getting my attention

Either I watch a lot of television, or I’m just very into paying attention to ads. Here’s what’s been getting my attention (for good or for bad) lately.

  • Edge Shaving Cream – These commercials with average-looking (but kinda cute!) guys who just want a good shave that improves their skin crack me up, not due to the extra attention lavished upon their now-smooth mugs by hands ostensibly belonging to a woman, but because these guys just can’t keep it together in the face of such attention. I’ve seen several different versions of this campaign and it makes me laugh every time.
  • Big Hucking Chicken – I’m just starting to get pissed off at Burger King for their chicken commercials. The bucking chicken was funny for a minute because the song was just so strange, but when Rachael and I started trading text messages on “what is a hucking chicken?” it had gone too far. There are only so many more letters in the alphabet before they reach the inevitable.
  • Applebee’s – The older Applebee’s commercials that took classic songs and messed up the lyrics irritated me. But the new ones do the same thing… so why do I like them? I guess it’s because they have the two guys with guitars doing them, and they’re not really trying to make it sound like the classic songs… they’re just two guys who are playing songs and singing about food. I especially liked the one that used the Gilligan’s Island theme song!
  • Rache and I were also discussing the DQ Blizzard commercial where the guy goes into labor… genius!
  • Cheerios – You see a guy at a busy urban intersection, dancing like a fool. Not in a slick way, but in an Elaine Benes sort of way. Near the end of the spot, you see his son in a stroller handing him some Cheerios, which Dad cheerfully (!) puts into his mouth and resumes dancing like a fool. Ahhh, that’s heartwarming!!
  • Pepto Bismol – These have been out for a while, but I’m sooooo grossed out by the Pepto dance. Especially the “diarrhea” part. Who wouldn’t be?

Okay… that’s enough of that. Hailey is snoring. Even when she wakes up, she keeps snoring into her bed, then scrunches her eyes shut again and snores some more.


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