looking ahead

I feel like there is a lot to look ahead for this week, and for some reason there is just this air of anticipation going on around me right now! I get paid on Friday, Janette and Rachael are coming into town on Friday, Amy and her husband are coming in on Saturday. Janette and I discussed going to see “The Devil Wears Prada” on Saturday. Poker night is at our place Saturday night! It’s just going to be a busy, busy, busy weekend!

This past Saturday, I did indeed turn on the chocolate fountain. But as with most first-time undertakings, it proved to be a bit of a pain in the ass. It was smaller than Veronica’s, which made it difficult to pour in the chocolate. Then it turned out that I didn’t have enough chocolate in it, so I had to run to the store for MORE chocolate (oh, dread!) so that it would cover the bottom of the screw that runs it up to the spout. On top of all that, I think I didn’t have enough oil mixed in, so the chocolate was too thick to actually do the fountain thing, and was slightly gloppy… well, not gloppy so much as drippy, rather than smooth as it should have been. But Todd, Rachel, and Meagan seemed to enjoy it all… I had graham cracker sticks, marshmallows, cubed angel food cake, strawberries, mandarin oranges, bananas, and pretzel sticks. Ryan got on to me because I was kind of keyed up because of the fountain mishaps, and said “that’s so not like you!” It was kind of sweet, actually… he just wanted me to relax, which, after all, is the whole point of HAVING a chocolate fountain. We were both a bit annoyed with the fact that the fountain was very noisy, too… I wonder what can be done to remedy that. Perhaps draping the base with fabric or something to muffle it? I don’t know…

One of my co-workers brought me back a bag of company logo swag from a conference in New York last week, which was really nice of him. I was feeling like the only person in the office who didn’t have any logo swag! Granted, I’m not a hat wearer, but the canvas backpack thing may make a good overnight bag or picnic receptacle. And there’s some shirts in there, woo!

I emailed Ryan some Indian recipes I found online because he was looking for some, so maybe I’ll get to eat Indian food this week. And I also discovered that Piatti has some of their recipes online… notably their signature dipping oil and their lemon cream ravioli, which is DIVINE!! I’ll certainly be trying that sometime.

All right, coffee has kicked in…. more later, perhaps!


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