some of my favorites, part 1

Okay… I’m in total wedding photo overload. But that’s half the fun!!! Here are some of my favorites, with copyright intact… still waiting for that damn CD!!

Me and the girls in the prep room (Pastor Greg’s office) after we all got dressed.

The handsome guys standing outside of the chapel door. What I love about this the most is that my brother has a huge grin on his face. Busted!

The guys walking across campus, past Tschoepe Hall back to Todd’s office in Emma Frey. John with his sunglasses… it reminds me of the picture we all took outside of Kraushaar Hall our freshman year, before we went swing dancing, in which John was again wearing his sunglasses.

The girls and me looking bee-yoo-tiful before the wedding. (We looked great afterwards, too, by the way…)

Me being weepy and totally unable to get through my vows without being a sap. Ahh, young love.

Ryan also being weepy. I was more weepy than he was, though… which was a little surprising (in a good way).


3 responses to “some of my favorites, part 1

  1. Sarah,
    I love that picture outside Kraushaur. I wish I knew where it was. That was such a fun night. I rode with Michael Reese on his motorcycle (a first for me), and then I danced a ton, and rode back with someone else in their car. I don’t even remember who. That’s when I had a HUGE crush on VonFange too. I loved all your pictures. See you tomorrow! I can’t wait

  2. I’m just now getting around to viewing these! Such great pictures!

  3. yay! pics! they are SO great. i am so happy for you two. it looked like the perfect wedding. wish we could have made it down.


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