some of my favorites, part 4

More reception pics…

Photographic evidence of who was actually trying to catch the bouquet. Yep, that’s Racahel, Priscilla, and Sara running at it. Note Meagan in the back looking like she couldn’t want to be farther away from the carnage.

Well, Priscilla caught the bouquet and Jake caught the garter. He said, “Is it weird that I caught my sister’s garter?” Nah. They had a spin around the dance floor to “Strangers in the Night,” and it was cute!

Everyone singing along with that Grease Mega-Mix, which in real life I find tremendously irritating, but it was fun at the wedding reception!

The bridesmaids (minus Rachel, where is she?? making out with Todd??) form a kickline and sing along to… something. But they look like they’re having a hell of a good time.

More girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl action. Haha. I do love how these dresses looked great on EVERYBODY, and none of these gals were even remotely the same size!


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