four-day weekend

I’m so excited, I have a four-day weekend in about three hours!!

Janette and Rachael are both coming into town tonight, and we’re planning on going out for sushi, then doing some girly stuff. (I think we have to go to the mall, also… darn!) And then tomorrow is going to be very very busy; I have to take Barker to the vet, get Ryan’s pocketwatch fixed (I don’t know how he broke it, but c’est la vie) and then we have a whole passel of people coming over for poker and potluck (how very Texan/Lutheran of us) in the evening. It’s gonna be a very full house.

Of course, Monday and Tuesday we were thinking about going out of town, but now it looks like it’s gonna be pretty low-key. I’m fine with that, methinks. Ryan and I don’t ever get much of a chance to be low-key on the same day.

Man… can’t get off work early enough, lemme tell you!


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