weekend & anniversary

It was a hectic weekend, as predicted… but a lot of fun. Rachael got into town Friday evening, but Janette was running a bit late as she’d been delayed getting out of Dallas. So Rache, Ryan and I headed over to Goro’s to wait for Janette.

When we got to the sushi restaurant, we were informed that the air conditioner was out in half the restaurant, so they were seating people in the other half (that they almost never use). It was a bit hectic and despite the fact that 3 people (at least!) waited on us, it was just kind of crazy. Nonetheless, Janette finally arrived, we got our sushi, and then scarfed it down so we could book it over to The Shops at La Cantera.

At La Cantera, Janette was looking for an iPod so she wouldn’t have to lug her huge CD case around with her on the road anymore. She and Ryan headed to the Apple Store, while Rache and I went to Helzberg Diamonds to get the wedding rings inspected. After they were cleaned, we went by Bath and Body Works, where we saw that they were having a HUGE sale… but they were closing in five minutes. So we vowed to come back the next day.

Saturday, the girls and I got up late and loaded some stuff on Janette’s new iPod, and listened to it in the car on the way out to La Cantera. We got all the way out there and then realized I’d forgotten to bring along the inspection card for the rings, which I’d forgotten the day before as well. We turned around and went back to the house to pick it up, and then opted to make a pit stop at La Madeleine for coffee and pastries. Divine! Rachael’s cute little waiter was there, too… extra divine!

Finally made it to La Cantera, where we hit the B&BW sale with furor. I called Veronica when I saw that they had her Country Apple shower gel, which they have mostly discontinued, for $4 each. I picked up 4 of those plus a body lotion for her, plus some antibac soap for each of the sinks in our place (3/$10) and some creamy body wash and lotion for me (Coconut Lime Verbena, $5 each). Quite a haul! Rachael grabbed some lip stuff and her ginger orange body scrub, and Janette also got some new lip color/treatments.

Poker night was fun; we had plenty of food (I made some kickass meatballs in the crockpot that were super-easy – frozen meatballs, Jack Daniels bbq sauce, and honey on low for 4 hours) and plenty of people in the apartment. Throughout the course of the night, we had me, Ryan, Rache, Janette, Amy & her husband Paul, Mike and Anna, Todd and Rachel, and Veronica. We didn’t all play poker, but everyone seemed to have a good time hanging out and catching up.

On Sunday, we sent Amy and Paul on their way home, and then met Ryan for lunch at La Madeleine (not the same location though!) with his photographer. I had a delicious turkey sandwich and French onion soup, and Janette shared her Strawberries Romanov with all of us. Delicious!

After lunch, the girls and I went back to La Cantera – again – noticing a pattern here? – where Janette picked up some new summer work clothes, Rachael got some more stuff at B&BW, and we all had ice cream at Marble Slab. When we got home, Rache had to head back to Galveston, and Janette stuck around until about 7:30, which put her back to Dallas quite late. Ryan and I picked up the house a bit, had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack, and thought about heading out of town for a couple of days (we were both off Monday and Tuesday), but decided to stay in town and go fishing instead.

We went to Walmart and bought fishing poles, tackle, and some stinky catfish bait, and made plans to head out to Braunig Lake by 10am on Monday. Instead, we woke up close to noon, and loaded up the dogs and such into the car and hit the road. We stopped at Taco Bell and picked up lunch, and continued down I-37… where it started to rain.

By the time we arrived at Braunig Lake, it was pouring down rain, and they told us they don’t sell fishing licenses at the river authority office there (contrary to what their website says). Anyway, we headed up to his mom’s house and hung out with Robin for a while, ate our lunch, and then went back down to the lake to try again (by way of the Shell station that DID sell fishing licenses). We picked up some nightcrawlers at the lake access park and then picked a spot on the shore that turned out to be a terrible spot, due to the no shade and fire ants. So we packed back up and drove around to the other side, where we found a lovely little spot under a tree. We didn’t catch a thing all day, but we had fun just relaxing and talking together without anyone calling us or having to worry about anything.

Monday evening we were planning on going to the restaurant at the Tower of the Americas to celebrate our one-month anniversary, but ended up opting for Piatti in the Quarry. I was so glad we did – our dinner was fantastic! We ordered a bottle of Piesporter to enjoy with our dinner, and had the caprese di tomato to start – vine ripened tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, and olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sooooo good. I had the gnocchi with herb sauce and portabello mushrooms, and Ryan had salmon with grilled zucchini and potatoes. At the end, we shared an order of tiramisu, which was just incredible. Quite possibly the best tiramisu I’ve ever had… perfectly light and creamy, with moist ladyfingers and just the right hint of brandy. Ohhhh, so good. We left feeling full and satisfied.

Met up with Rachel and Todd after we ran home to change, and hit Broadway Bar where there was a great 2-piece band. That’s right… a guitarist and a drummer, who banged out some of the best classic rock covers I’ve ever heard. They did a cover of “The Ocean” that you’ve got to hear to believe… it’s pretty amazing that two guys can do that!! And their “L.A. Woman” was different, but respectable, to be sure. They wrapped the song up by saying, “That’s an original tune we call ‘L.A. Woman’… we’re trying to sell it to a guy named Jim.” We left Broadway Bar for a pub called Sir Winston’s, for more drinks, free popcorn, and shuffleboard. I suck at shuffleboard, but it was a lot of fun in our semi-inebriated state.

The 4th of July was mostly spent sleeping, but we did go over to Meme’s for some pork ribs, sausage, chicken, and squash… plus the mega-bowl of mashed red potatoes and a red, white, and blue trifle that I made (how very Family Circle of me). After dinner, Ryan and I went to his old bedroom to look through a bunch of books and papers that his mom is wanting to get rid of. We ran across all sorts of things, including a couple of old journals that I couldn’t help but peek into. Alas, no mention of me in college… a couple of other girls, but not me. That’s okay though… nowadays my name tends to come up a little more often. 🙂

Once we got home, we settled back into our regular lives… cleaned up the house a bit, drank some wine, watched “Friends,” and then I went to bed to read (finished Part 2 of “Madame Bovary”) and Ryan stayed up to write his nightly email for work. I’m glad to be back into a normal routine, but it was sure hard to wake up this morning after my four day weekend.


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