the itch to switch

A couple of days ago, as they do once every year or so, our apartment complex left us a little note reminding us to renew our lease… with the tantalizing little offer of $100 off our September rent if we renewed by July 10th.

Here it is, July 6th, and I just want to move.

We don’t have to renew by the 10th. It would be smart, though, if we were planning on staying, because hey… $100 off, right? But the thing is, they’re raising our rent by $20 a month. So after five months of paying the new rent, we’ll have given them back the discount. And then for at least 3 more months (if we sign another 8-month lease), we’ll be giving them $20 more.

The math is starting to confuse me, but I’m pretty sure we lose in the end, particularly since we have no equity in this place.

Ryan and I have gone around in circles talking about moving, whether it be into a house that we buy, a house that we rent, a duplex, another apartment. We have concluded one thing – that this is our third residence since we graduated from college, and we’re tired of moving. That damn couch just gets heavier and heavier. So I guess wherever we move next, we’re hoping that it’s more permanent.

There are a lot of factors that are weighing on our decision-making process – we want a yard for the dogs, we want to pay LESS than we are now, we would like to live somewhere that’s convenient to our workplaces (which is no easy feat, considering that we don’t really work close together), we want to find somewhere that we’d like to raise a family.

I hate this whole process, because ultimately I am just a homebody who wants to be settled. I don’t mind going out, but I like to come back to the same place every time. I do hate giving someone an absurd amount of money for a place with a smallish kitchen and a ton of ants swarming outside, but we just haven’t found that spot we can commit to, not just yet.


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