First things first… ran across this comic this morning that gave me a chuckle.

This weekend was alternately boring and lots of fun. Friday night Todd came over and hung out with Ryan… I wasn’t really feeling sociable, but we did stay up late enough to watch The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. I have to admit, I haven’t ever watched Ferguson before, but he is FUNNY AS CRAP. Several times I found myself laughing so hard that I wasn’t making any noise. And I was a little embarassed because of that, but damn, that is one funny Scot.

Saturday I slept in, and then spent most of the day alternating between cleaning and being really lazy. I tuned in to CMT and watched Dolly Parton’s Greatest Moments, which was entertaining because of the clever quotes Dolly sprinkles into every interview she gives. The #1 moment – not to ruin it for anybody, but it’s been on TV for a while now – was when the bronze statue of her was put up in her hometown. And she said that so she wouldn’t get a big head about it, her dad told her, “Well, you’re an icon to those fans… but to them pigeons, you’re just another outhouse…” Followed that up with Crossroads with Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge, which was just crazy enough to work. I loved Dolly telling the story of singing “Jolene” at gay clubs, where cross-dressers showed up dressed as her, and she’d sing… “Drag queen, drag queen, drag queen, drag QUEEN!”

We had plans to go to Todd and Rachel’s to play poker and hang out Saturday night, so Ryan made his homemade salsa and we headed over to their place. We knocked on the door… no answer. Knocked again… still nothing. Finally Mike and Todd came screaming around the side of the house to scare us, which didn’t quite work, but I was surprised! Ryan had arranged a little surprise party for me, with streamers and balloons and cake and a pinata and everything! I was second booted from the poker game (what can I say, I suck at poker) but had a really great time. And a sugar headache Sunday morning.

Sunday I slept in again (I don’t know how those people can play poker for FIVE HOURS) and was woken up by Ryan calling me several times in a row to tell me that the Herald Democrat had NOT published our wedding announcement. Upon further inspection at the website, he noticed that there was a Tuesday noon deadline for submitting pictures for that week, so I guess it’ll be in next week. It’ll be at this page next Sunday, I hope.

My gym doesn’t have its July schedule posted yet, but yoga classes were at the same time last week. I went on Wednesday… it was harder this time. But still enjoyable. And I think I may have fallen asleep in Savasana at the end. Whoops. Meanwhile, I continue to have a love-hate relationship with Downward-Facing Dog. But I am really enjoying the class… the teacher, Vanessa, is really cool and down-to-earth, not all floaty and strange like some teachers I have met. She also has a normal body, and sometimes loses her balance too, which makes me think… hey, it’s okay, everyone’s working toward something here. Perhaps some people aren’t impressed by that, but I like it.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I think that yoga class is tonight, and if so, I’m going. I really need to get a mat, but I’ll have to wait until after payday (Friday).

Have a great week, everybody!


One response to “surprised!

  1. I am so loving to read your chronicles of being married. Just 3.5 months away for me.

    I am finally blogging again. You are much more faithful in writing than I!

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