we got it!

After debating the merits of getting a digital SLR, Ryan and I went off to Wolf Camera yesterday evening and spent ANOTHER hour debating over which digital SLR we wanted to get. Ryan has been a hardcore Canon guy for a while now, but since the Canons are quite expensive, his old Canon manual SLR lenses aren’t compatible with the digitals, and we’re just now getting in on the digital SLR thing, we opted for a Nikon D50 with a Nikkor 18-55mm lens. And we sprung for the Nikkor 55-200mm telephoto lens, too… which was exciting!

We went to Pei Wei for dinner afterwards, where we talked a little bit about plans for the camera. (You know, where we wanted to send it to college, that kind of thing…) He still hadn’t heard back from the craigslist poster who was looking for digital travel photos, but we got to thinking about what other photographic ventures we could embark upon. I read an article yesterday about online stock photography sites, most of whom pay 20-25 cents per download. And of course, they don’t pay you until you’ve accumulated $75-$100 (which, let’s say, at the higher rates of both, adds up to about 400 downloads). But it might turn out to be an easy way to make a little bit of extra money, because once you upload the pictures and they go through the selection process, it would stand to reason that the photos would then do all the work.

We kept thinking about it all the way home, and decided that a possible course of action to take now would be to set up a website, perhaps throw some ads up (and respond to some) on craigslist, and see where it takes us. So mosey over to Ryan Loyd Photography to learn more, if you’re interested in hiring him/us. 🙂 The website is certainly still in progress, and I’d like to ultimately pretty it up somehow, but I’m not exactly sure how to do that yet.

Of course, if any of y’all in the San Antonio area know anyone who might need small photo jobs done – think bridal/engagement, senior pics, stuff like that – let us know.

Okay, I’m done advertising… really. I’m just really excited about it, because I think if it goes anywhere it could be a lot of fun! (Hey, if we made enough money to cover the camera, I’d be thrilled!)


One response to “we got it!

  1. Did you consider covering community theater like Marlow? He has morphed production stills into a three camera (digital)filming operation.

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