blogging vs. letter-writing

I think it’s time for me to re-focus my blogging.

It seems like I have kind of strayed toward the letter-writing method of blogging, in which I say “and then we did this, and this, and this… .” But that’s not exactly what I had hoped to achieve.

I like reading other folks’ blogs for commentary and things that make me think a little bit… like the snippets of articles that end up getting discussed at Gary’s blog, or Lucas’s analysis of emerging church (which in turn lead me to analyze my own faith a little more). But man… my blog seems like it could really have more interesting things to talk about.

I’d like to see my blog be more like a column. After all, as I was telling Ryan the other day, if I would have been able to write a column for the Lone Star Lutheran back in college, I probably would have stuck with the paper longer than one semester. I love writing, but I hate assignments. I like research, but hate documentation (which is why links are so great). I love style, but hate formatting. (AP Style is just prim formatting labeled as “style”… the difference between a uniform and an outfit!)

So maybe I’ll start thinking about one thing that I want to write about, and focus on that. With the occasional splash of “I was thinking about this weird thing…” every once in a while. Mainly I’d just like to hone my voice as a writer, because ultimately I’d still consider it a dream job to write a column.


One response to “blogging vs. letter-writing

  1. I, for one, am not tired of the “and I did this” style of blogging from my friends, since that’s what I’m interested in knowing anyway 😉 Still, it’s good to try and expand one’s writing style. Have fun with it!

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