low-key birthday

I’m 26 now, y’all!

I had such a fun birthday this year because it was so low-key. I’ve never been particularly good at parties… it took a lot of effort to circulate and try to be a good bride at the wedding, and when we had parties in Joplin I was mostly content to let Ryan be the social butterfly and me be the one who fills up chip and dip bowls, and starts cleaning up when I think it’s time for people to leave.

The fact that we just did a little party last weekend with some close friends was great. Ryan had a lovely surprise on Friday night… first, he had me open my gifts – a record player with radio and CD, and four jazz records. Then we went out to dinner at a hotel restaurant (the food wasn’t what I would have expected from a Zagat-listed restaurant, but it wasn’t bad) and stayed at the hotel bar for a while, where there was a little jazz band. Ryan had evidently contacted the singer a couple of weeks ago, and asked him to play “Blame It On My Youth” for us. We had some drinks and listened to the music, then picked up some wine and cheese at HEB and went home to listen to records and drink wine. It was so relaxing and just perfect.

Rachael drove in Saturday to surprise me! We had a lovely low-key sort of day… we went to Half-Price Books to look at records and found some great 70’s pop and some classical also. The rest of the afternoon was filled with lunch at the Flying Saucer, a little bit of shopping and even a massage and mini-facial that Rache splurged on for both of us!

But mostly I was glad for spending time with my darling husband and dear friend Saturday night, on my birthday… we just sort of relaxed and did what we wanted, and drifted off to bed whenever. I’m always grateful for evenings like that because I’m such a homebody, but especially grateful when it’s on a day everyone kind of expects to make it a big deal.

Oddly enough, my parents spent my birthday in the hospital where I was born… my dad’s had a recent flare-up of Crohn’s and it’s been very unpleasant for him. It was kind of a strange thing to juxtapose against my birthday, in my mind. I’m just hoping the Remicaid therapy does him good for a long while, though I’m afraid that in a year he’ll be back in the same situation. I just wish his employer would provide better insurance that would let him do it yearly as a preventative, rather than him having to land in the hospital every time. He’s supposed to be out sometime today, after having some procedures done (I think a colonoscopy is happening somewhere in there).

Last night we went over to Meme’s for barbecue, with Ryan’s great uncle Sonny and his girlfriend Kathy, Ryan’s mom Sandy, and Robin. Food was all really good, including a homemade banana pudding that Sandy made. Wow! We ended up staying over there until about 10-ish, after trucking leftovers to his mom’s house and visiting for a while. Got home a little after 10:30 and took a shower, so I wouldn’t have to wake up quite as early today…

This morning I’m wearing my new little black heels, some strappy sandal-type things with a lower heel so I can actually walk without feeling like I’m gonna keel over. We have a co-worker visiting from Dallas… I actually hadn’t met her before even though I have talked to her on the phone quite a bit. It was nice to finally put a face with the name, although I have to admit that I had a different perception of her from the phone! (Nothing bad… just different.) She’s taking me out to lunch today for my birthday, which should be fun!

My allergies are really bothering me, and it’s supposed to be up to 100 degrees today. Not much of a chance of rain in sight, unfortunately. We’re quickly approaching Stage 1 water restrictions here in San Antonio. I wish it would rain, a nice steady rain that just soaks everything but gives the ground time to drink it all in. Maybe it could thunderstorm a bit… I like a good thunderstorm in the summertime. But we sure need the showers… to knock some of these irritants out of the air, to give the plants a drink, to fill up the aquifer!

I’ve been pretty productive so far this morning… I guess I’d better see if there’s anything else I can do!


2 responses to “low-key birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Sarah! I enjoy having a quiet birthday as well. Paul and I usually just go to a nice restaurant, and one of our parents sometimes will take us out the next day or something. Nothing big for sure. Sounds like you had a fun weekend too!

    I can’t believe how hot it is! Did you know it’s supposed to get up to 105 today in Dallas! Isn’t that nuts? At least it’s not that hot real temperature here in Houston, but with the humidity it feels like 100-105. I was outside all day yesterday, and it was really draining. It’s just this oppresive heat. At least we have had some thunderstorms lately in Houston. I know the rest of Texas really needs the rain! Have a great day!

    And, Happy Birthday to you!

    PS You’re older than Paul…his birthday is 7/23.

  2. Wishful thoughts

    fun, fun and more fun. times spent with friends and loved ones r the best. so I don’t suppose u want to know that its only 92 degrees in OH and very nice compared to TX. (smiles) be happy u r indoors! I am!!

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