write what you know…

So far the “columnist” blog model seems to be mostly out the window. Oh well… they say to write what you know, right? I guess I know what I did today, or yesterday, or whatever… so that’s what I should write.

Yesterday was a crazy day at work. Some sort of loss of power in a terminal at DFW (I think?) meant that two of the people I was handling travel for to New York had to be put on different flights. I spent much of my time before lunch on the phone with the travel agents, having them shift my two folks to the (of course) crowded flight later in the day, just like all of the other people on the cancelled flights, I’m sure. They ended up getting to LGA at 2am, rather than the original 7pm or even secondary 10pm. Seems like it was just a bad day for travel all around… my boss was flying a different route, on a different airline, but still had some weirdness/delays on his way. And then the airline suspended his ticket for his return trip, for some bizarre reason… I’ve gotten it straightened out, but GEEZ.

Was mentally exhausted when I got home (after the travel stuff, I spent the afternoon working on expense reports which always sucks the life force out of me), and Ryan was very kind about it. He asked me to help him fold laundry, but despite the fact that he’d been working very hard cleaning all day he didn’t give me a single grain of guilt about it, and even brought me a Thai iced tea while I relaxed and numbly watched TV, and he made stir-fry for dinner.

After we ate, we folded a little bit more laundry and took the dogs for a little walk around the apartment complex, which was mostly uneventful (in a good way… I hate it when we cross paths with other dogs, because Barker gets very cranky). The walk was nice… the sun had gone down and it wasn’t so blazing hot. When we got home, we had some wine (Ste. Genevieve Sweet Moscato, cheap and tasty) and I surfed the ‘net for a while as Ryan talked on the phone about Mike’s bachelor party with a couple of friends. Also had some chocolate fro-yo with some dulce de leche syrup on top, which was a nice sweet way to end the day.

This morning I got stuck in some weird traffic snag on the way in to work, but it was no big deal as my officemates are traveling. I got an email from Rachel earlier, asking if I’d like to do a little anti-bachelor party (since Todd is going to be bach-ing it up tonight, too) with her and Meagan. Sounds fun! I found a place on the Internet called Charlie Brown’s that has karaoke and $3 specials on all liquor (or so they say) tonight. I think it’ll be a lot of fun… Ryan never wants to do karaoke with me and I figure that’s the perfect thing to get out of my system while he’s out with the boys.

Can’t believe Mike and Anna’s wedding is on Saturday! They’ve been together even longer than Ryan and me, although in our defense, we did take a really weird route to get to where we are. Should be a lot of fun… I’ve also been invited by Rachel to go tubing with her and Meagan on Saturday before the wedding, since we’re not in the wedding party. Ryan said he wanted to hang out with me that day, but I really think (a) he’s gonna want to do some guy-bonding while they’re all assembled and (b) he’s not going to really have as much time to spend with me as he thinks he will. Maybe I’m wrong. But tubing sounds like a nice contingency plan!


One response to “write what you know…

  1. I did karaoke for the 2nd time every this past weekend, and it’s so freakin’ fun! I used to be terrified of it. Oddly enough, I have no problem singing in front of an audience when it is for real, but when everyone is drunk and doesn’t care, I freak out.

    But liquid courage does amazing things and I closed the night with a little Nancy Sinatra.

    Hope you have a blast!

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