new look

Good morning… do you like my new threads? Or digs? I don’t know… what do you call a new blog template? Perhaps just a simple redecoration.

Anyway, I got the template over at Blogger Templates, where they have a lot of cool free templates for Blogger. Hence the name.

It was much like a shopping trip this morning, trying on new templates, previewing them as if in front of a mirror in a dressing room, tweaking them with my accessories, taking things off, putting them back on… finally decided to leave the store with “Curves in Blue.” I like the templates at the aforementioned site because they’re all style-sheet based, which means not much work for me, and the HTML in the templates themselves are easy to manage (I mean, it has a big block that says “PUT LINKS HERE”… thank you, a sign, just what I wanted!).

I’ve been having fun looking at what templates I would put on other peoples’ blogs…

For Ryan, I would either go with “Newsline Miniblue” for its clean lines and newsiness, “Stevenson” for the same reason (and the pretty blue in the title bar!), or “Powell Street” because it’s kind of funky and cool, just like him. 🙂

I think “Magic Paper” would look awesome on Janette’s blog. But she never writes in it. 😛 I could just sneak into her blog and change it, and wouldn’t she be surprised? I was also thinking that “Travel” would be a good one for her, since she’s on the road all the time… but it’s a little mod, and she’s more classic.

And of course, for Rachael I would choose “Rawk.” Or “Stitch” because it’s pink!

If Mom had a blog, I’d pick “The Late Show” for her, because it has a sort of theatrical feel to it. I wish she had a blog… that would be pretty interesting, I think.

Okay, I think I’m done shopping. At any rate, if you’re looking for a new template, check ’em out, because I think that they have some really cool stuff over there, and I’m pretty picky about my blog’s style!


3 responses to “new look

  1. Can you give me a new template? I’m too dense to do it – I’ve tried 😦

    We’ll call this “While You Were Out: BlogWorld

  2. Thanks for the help. I was actually successful in making a change, but then I decided I didn’t like it. I believe it was magic paper. It seemed to crowded with all my text. I’ll keep looking, but I think I can manage to actually do it myself!

  3. Wishful thoughts

    Go for it….a change would be a pleasant surprise! and btw i’m doing better at blogging…i just have to get out of PA for something exciting to happen again 🙂
    btw…love your new look..its fun! see u in a week and a half!

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