wedding weekend, part two!

Tomorrow is the wedding sequel… Ryan and I did our thing last month, now it’s Mike and Anna’s turn. They have several of the same vendors – same caterer, same bakery, same places – but I am certain that their wedding will be all their own. Ryan is in the wedding, so it’ll be nice to see him in a tux, but it will also be nice to NOT have to be in a wedding gown. (Then again… I don’t know what I’m actually wearing. Hmmm.)

Rachel, Meagan and I did indeed go do karaoke at Charlie Brown’s on Wednesday. It was so much fun – I just wish I could convince more of our group here in San Antonio that karaoke is a fun and rewarding experience. Well, it’s fun anyway, and always entertaining. Half the fun is looking through the book and imagining what you’re going to sing. I ended up doing THREE songs – “Me & Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin (which made me miss Sheradee’s rendition!), “I Love Rock & Roll” by Joan Jett, and “Something To Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt. The Joan Jett song went over much better than I thought it would… it’s right in that drawly/drunkish range that works so well in bars. Woo! I could hear myself on the monitor in front of me, and thought “Wow, I sound pretty good!” But then I thought, “Am I kidding myself??” Doesn’t matter, it was a good time.

Tonight will probably be hectic, as I haven’t packed anything for Seguin yet, and have to assemble something to wear for the wedding, my swimsuit, and probably something casual-ish. All for one day. Tonight is the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and the rehearsal starts at 5pm… but that’s when I get off, and Ryan never gets off before 5, so I doubt we’re going to make it. I don’t know when the dinner is happening, but we’re staying in Seguin tonight. Tomorrow morning Rachel, Meagan and I again team up to take on tubing… we’re planning on going for a little float for about 2 hours before we have to gear up for the wedding. Ryan asked why the three of us have been hanging out so much; perhaps it’s because Rachel is leaving and she wants to make sure Meagan’s in good hands when she leaves. Or maybe just because she wants to spend time with us! What’s so wrong with that?

Next weekend, another trio of gals is assembling in Galveston; Janette, Rachael and I are meeting up to celebrate my birthday and Janette’s birthday (yes, I know Ryan is going to tease me about my birthday celebration going on for a month, but people just want to celebrate! what can I say?). I’m looking forward to seeing them again, and I really wish Ryan could come down to Galveston. I wish his job was more flexible, or at least didn’t happen on weekends! I don’t think most people appreciate that in all of the time we’ve been together, we have NEVER been able to plan anything on the weekends without it conflicting one or both of us. In Joplin, Ryan always worked weekends, and I did as well for part of my time there. Same for KENS. We can’t schedule a weekend away to just drive off to the beach or somewhere without planning weeks and weeks in advance, becasue they schedule reporters so tightly. I know that’s part of the drill when you’re in TV, particularly when you’re young and in TV, but it really makes having a social life or being able to really relax almost impossible. This week has been really hard with respect to seeing Ryan… there has just been a lot of demand on both of our schedules. Maybe someday we’ll have the same time off schedule, but I don’t know when!

Ah well… I for one intend to enjoy my weekend… Ryan did manage to shift his schedule around so he has Saturday off for the wedding, then he works Sunday, then he’s off again Monday and Tuesday, I think. So at least he actually will get time to relax and have some time to himself!


One response to “wedding weekend, part two!

  1. I can’t believe Mike and Anna are getting married! Actually, I can. But still, it’s crazy. I remember meeting Anna on PACE day before freshman year. Wow.

    I didn’t realize it was so hard for you and Ryan to schedule weekends off–that DOES suck. 😦 Sounds like you have fun things planned in the coming weeks! I’m jealous about the tubing trip. . .I had my very own tube that I left behind in Austin b/c I couldn’t get it here. And I doubt I would use it here, anyway. But still. It symbolizes a lot, you know? Sadness.

    Have fun, dear!

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