wedded bliss

what a handsome dude
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Oh man, so many fringe benefits of being married:

1. You can relax at pretty much all of the weddings that follow (especially if you’re not in it).
2. You never have to join the mob of gals scrambling to catch that confounded bouquet (which I found out, when I got married, is usually a florist freebie).
3. You get to dance with your husband in a tux when he’s in a wedding. Yummy!

Mike and Anna’s wedding was yesterday and it was a blast… tubing was so much fun with Rachel and Meagan… I’m exhausted and slightly hung over but we all had a great time, and I’m so excited for both of them.

Ryan and I also took the Nikon out for a spin and I uploaded most of the photos we took, so surf over to flickr and check them out!


One response to “wedded bliss

  1. Great Pictures Sarah! I guess Ryan took a bunch of them, but if you took some, they are really good. I want to get a good digital camera like that so bad. I’m jealous that you guys got to see Sarah, Lucas, and Asher. He’s a huge baby! Very cute. It looks like a fun wedding. Sorry about the fact that you guys don’t get to hang very much on the weekends. That kinda sucks! Paul and I love our weekends together.

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