changing seasons

Ryan and I have talked several times lately about how we miss fall in Missouri. Here in Texas, the passing of seasons seems to happen very quickly… one September day it’s hot and sunny, the next it seems to be rainy and windy and cold, and winter has arrived… at least as wintry as it gets here.

But fall in Missouri was wonderful. Summer temperatures would gradually erode into pleasantly warm afternoons and cooler nights with the perfect amount of nip in the air, just right for potato soup, apple cider, Irish cream, and lighting the chiminea in the backyard. The leaves would slowly change from brilliant green to that perfect shade of orange that you really only see in the fall… the translucent orange of a leaf trembling on the breeze beneath the ever-dimming sun.

Fall seemed to be the times when people loved getting together for parties, when we would always end up going out in large groups (I remember, because somehow we’d always end up in the parking lot of some bar or restaurant, chatting away with our breath blowing in clouds before us), when the sweaters would come out, and when Ryan and I would watch TV snuggled together under a throw on the touch, long before we were together.

I don’t know why fall is on my mind now, in the middle of a San Antonio summer, when water restrictions are in effect, rain may or may not be in the forecast, and searing temperatures are a daily certainty. I just keep thinking about the changing seasons in life, and how this time, right now, feels like there is a change in the air. It just seems like life is about to get more colorful, perfect for getting together, and especially nice for cuddling…


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