A very girly weekend

Cosmo girls
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It’s always nice to come home after a weekend away… but the weekend away was a lot of fun. I drove up to Galveston on Friday (after squandering precious time in pursuit of a car tag to replace my expired registration) and enjoyed some quality chick time with Rachael, Thema and Janette.

I got up to Galveston Friday evening around 6:30, just in time for Rache and I to catch happy hour at Sky Bar – a sushi restaurant with swank cocktails. We enjoyed some delightful sushi treats and even more delightful martinis, and later Thema met us for a few more beverages. We decided to leave in time to buy the makings for appletinis and margaritas, then headed to Rachael’s house to watch “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.”

Woke up early Saturday to drive into Houston to pick Janette up at Hobby Airport. Her flight got in early, but we got in a little late after getting lost in a questionable neighborhood on the way to the airport. After an arduous trip to Starbucks, we headed back to Galveston, appropriately caffeinated, to have brunch with Thema at The Phoenix, a cute little restaurant/bakery downtown that, fortunately, serves mimosas and the like with brunch. Yay!

After brunch, we went to La Moda Salon for a little chick spa day… pedis for me and Janette, a mani for Rachael and a birthday massage for Janette as well. We marched our cute feet back to the car, drove back to Rachael’s, and copped an afternoon nap.

For dinner, we decided that since the Astros were playing on Saturday, we should take advantage of the game-time happy hour at The Spot, a bar/restaurant on the Seawall. We had appetizers and a few (not a couple, a FEW) $5 pitchers of Miller Lite while playing Beach Fashion Police and generally enjoying some girly time. Janette ended up going on a motorcycle ride with a guy we met there, and came back windblown but happy.

After leaving The Spot, we went to Cocktails, a little karaoke bar downtown. We had cosmos aplenty and sang a few songs – it took a while to get around to our second song choices, since a mass of college kids came in for the fun. But we all had a great time, and went to a diner for some late-night munchies afterwards.

Sunday morning, Rachael drove Thema to IAH very early, then we all slept in till about 11am or so. We opted for Chinese food for lunch, which really hit the spot. Came back to Rachael’s, where I packed up and watched the last 45 minutes of “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” on VH1, then said my goodbyes and hit the road to come back to my hubby.

I was glad to get home… Ryan and I had a nice, relaxing dinner at Pei Wei, then went to the sorta-ritzy HEB on DeZavala and got some pinot noir (Smoking Loon… pretty good although my favorite part was the cork… WHOO WHOO WHOO COUGH!! WHOO WHOO…) and dog treats for our puppies. We also ogled the cheese selection and vowed to come back there next time we were in the market for a cheese binge.

So now it’s another week… trying to convince Ryan to go to yoga with me tonight since he’s done with his personal training… and I think we have a little graduation party for Robin on Wednesday. Whew!


2 responses to “A very girly weekend

  1. I know you sometimes think that blogging about the events of your life (versus, for instance, current events or societal issues) is boring. . .but I must say that I love reading about your little trips here and there–esp. the girly weekends! I like all of the details you include. Sounds like y’all had tons of fun! 🙂

  2. Hey Sarah, I’m impressed by your pictures from your car. Did you take those with your cell phone? I can’t believe you can drive and see a cool car and get out your phone and take a pic all at once!! Seriously!

    You drove right by our apartments. Probably about the time you took the picture of the skyline from I-10. I have pics on my kodak gallery of the skyline from our apartment complex that look very similar. We live on I-10 right before you get to 45. There’s a Party Boy on the right side of the freeway, and our apartments are on the left.

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