taxed and tax-free

It’s been a busy day today… I churned out a project calendar/timeline thingy that I started work on two weeks ago, finally figuring out as I walked into the building this morning how to make it work for me instead of making more work for me. Of course, that was after some chicky in a Honda casually cruised over a speed bump and zoomed a few inches from my toes as I walked across the road separating the parking lot from the building. I looked up at her from my position in the middle of the crosswalk (which I thought entitled me to actually be walking across the street undisturbed) and she locked eyes with me, shooting me a dirty look before she revved her engine to find a parking space for her late-in-getting-up-but-enough-time-to-put-on-too-much-makeup self.


Anyway, after barely escaping death (not really, but I was pretty pissed for about half an hour), I was walking up the sidewalk when I had a moment of Excel clarity that enabled me to crank out that calendar in about an hour and a half. The rest of the day has been mostly spent working on changes to a huge year-end compensation guide that my boss is going through page by page, making corrections and alterations along the way. Of course, following his changes is sometimes like navigating a scary trail through the forest, with all the expected pitfalls and twisted, overgrown paths. I sure hope everyone gets paid correctly next year, because many hours have gone into trying to teach their bosses how to pay them.

I do like it when my job keeps me busy, though. Makes the day go by so much faster!

After spending the day hunched over the computer, I’m really looking forward to going to yoga class tonight, although (as usual) part of me does want to stay home and take a nap. No no, that’s not how we roll. Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure at all that I’d even have the chance to go today… it’s Robin’s last day of class at TLU, and she wanted to go out to dinner. Meme’s surgery threw a little wrench in the works, so I think that the celebration dinner has been pushed back to Friday night. But I think it’ll be fun either way… ummmm, now that I think about it, I wonder if Robin has to work Friday night? That would mess things up further…

By the way, thou lovers of shoes and clothes and things… this weekend is Tax Free Weekend. People go CRAZY for this time of year… shoppers, retailers, and morning show producers alike. I remember when I was in Joplin that someone always did a story on people stocking up on those school supplies and back-to-school clothes and stuff. Back to School never seemed to be that big of a deal when I was in high school… there was a bit of the supply frenzy but as for the clothes, Jake and I were more apt to blow half my little Albertson’s paycheck on Goodwill clothes. Okay, not half… like $20. But still, it was worth an afternoon’s enjoyment every two weeks.

(Oh, and Ryan, if you’re reading this, for heaven’s sake… take this weekend as a sign that yes, you should replace your sad flip-flops… they’ve flipped their last, I think.)

First Friday is this weekend, too. I always think that we should go, but I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been (2). The appeal of wandering in and out of galleries and squeezing into Blue Star to grab a burger and some good microbrew isn’t enough to plunge into the teeming crowds and nonexistent parking. Seems like Jake would really enjoy it, though.

I’m all out of stuff to write about for now. If I think of anything, I’ll let you know.


One response to “taxed and tax-free

  1. I loved (and still love) shopping at Goodwill, too. This reminds me of how my brother, when he was in high school, would literally refuse my mother’s money (which she offered him in a desperate attempt that he would go buy some “nicer” clothes), claiming that he didn’t want her to waste her money on him–he was perfectly happy in his Dickies pants and random thrift store t-shirts. It was so funny. All my mom could do was shake her head when he would wear thrift store shirts to church. 🙂

    Maybe I’ll stop by Goodwill now. . .I miss it! Now that I’m back in school, I can get away with wearing Goodwill t-shirts again! Oh, how I’ve missed that life. . .

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