poker, clue, and get-the-foot

Good weekend this weekend…

Ryan and I spent an hour Friday night trying to figure out where to go for dinner. This is normal for us, though not our best habit. While we tried to figure out where to go, we went to fill up his car and went through the car wash. Ended up settling on Lai Wah’s for cheap Chinese food, which was satisfying as usual. We thought about Pei Wei but thought better to not burn ourselves out on it, because it’s just so damn good.

Todd came over after he got off work, and mostly the three of us sat around talking about the state of things in the world. I thought about how grown-up we all sounded, talking about travel and education and the economy and politics, but the funny thing about it was… it wasn’t really a stretch for us. We were just having these grown-up conversations all on our own. I wondered, when did we all grow up like this? We caught the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (fast becoming my Friday night ritual, and yes, I did watch all the monologues I DVR’d last week on Sunday afternoon) and then we all went to sleep (Todd crashed at our place so as not to have to drive).

hey, homie! Saturday, daytime, was mostly lazy and unremarkable (VH1, you are honestly the bane and blessing of my existence). I made an eggplant and potato masamun curry for dinner which turned out pretty well, but not quite as good as the chicken I’d made earlier in the week. Afterwards, we booked it up to Kyle to visit Anna and Mike at their new home for poker night. They just returned from their honeymoon on Monday… I can’t believe they’ve only been married for about two weeks! (Gosh, I feel like the old fogeys at two months of wedded bliss.)

Anna ended up strong-arming Ryan and I out during the first round of Pass the Trash, so we played Clue with Mike, who was the first out of poker (not before I managed to spill my rum and DP all over their coffee table and the game, damn) and Ryan won… turns out I was the murderer. Who knew?

Ryan and I ended up crashing in Kyle, despite the fact that our doggies were at home, because, well… it just did not befit us to drive at that point. We woke up at about 6:55 and hit McD’s for breakfast on the way back to San Antonio.

sleepy doggieLast night we were a little bored in the evening after Ryan got home, but we nonetheless enjoyed a lazy evening with the dogs. Barker and Hailey were just not in the mood to play… I think that I bored them this weekend, because Barker only likes to play his game with Ryan. They have this “get-the-foot” game… well, the game is that Ryan grabs Barker’s foot, and Barker gets his foot back, and then tries to keep Ryan from getting it again. It’s pretty funny, as Barker always ends up with his butt straight in the air, and his front feet hidden under his upper body, with his head on the floor and his eyes darting around, making sure there’s no surprise attack. But yesterday he was just out like a light, and I think he was happy when we decided to call it a night and go to sleep.


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