I’m wondering if my life is becoming very average, and also if that’s a bad thing or not.

Last night I got home from work and helped Ryan give the dogs pedicures (minus the nail polish this time). We vacuumed the living room. We went to get his hair cut, which was a long wait. I played two WHOLE games of Sudoku, checked my email, read his blog. After the haircut, we went to Pei Wei for dinner, where I ordered the same thing that I usually do. We got home around 9:30. I took a shower and read for a while. (Good In Bed has just picked up quite a bit, by the way.) Ryan and I talked for a while and then I went to bed around 11:40 (not almost midnight, we decided, but almost-almost midnight).

I don’t know why this is on my mind this morning, except I really had nothing much to write about yesterday, so I didn’t. I wonder if I ran out of good ideas back in high school or college.

Ryan is in the middle of trying to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He knew exactly what he wanted to do all through high school and college and then did it, and now he’s thinking about making a change. I, on the other hand, had no idea what I wanted to do and happened to find a fun and interesting job, but I don’t know if it’s what I want to do forever because I never knew what I wanted to do. No matter what I’m doing, I usually manage to be happy with it, and if I’m not, I change things up. I’m a pretty go-with-the-flow kind of person.

Does that make me average? And is average so bad? Average isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Average isn’t the best thing, either, but it’s not terrible.

Of course, I’d like to do something else with my life eventually. And I’d like to have more interesting weeknights. Ryan is thinking about joining Mike and Jesse for a bowling league this fall in San Marcos. We’d talked about bowling on a league team together in San Antonio (the same league we were in last fall), but Mike and Jesse wanted to stay in their league in San Marcos, and it’s a three-man team, so… maybe Meagan and I can start a two-woman happy hour league team on Tuesday nights. I’m sure we could manage it.

Tonight is karaoke, but also yoga, which I haven’t been to since last Monday. (Yes, Sara, I am feeling a little un-unified… sort of disjointed and tightened up.) Uuugghhh… I have GOT to go. Missed Monday’s class to go to Sandy’s house for dinner, which was nice, but certainly didn’t do anything great for my body. Still, it’s more important to forge a close relationship with my new family than it is to go to yoga class, I think. There will be other yoga classes, after all.


3 responses to “average

  1. Hey Sarah,
    You know, this is very normal to be thinking about at our age, especially after just getting married. I went through the same thing. Wow, my life is so routine. I do the same thing pretty much everyday. I don’t have a hobby or something that I really enjoy that I do in the evenings. So, don’t worry about being average because you really aren’t. Your husband works in a very dynamic field, and, most likely, you know all the news before the rest of the world. I talked to Ryan a lot on IM yesterday, and I told him about how Paul and I made 40 year goals before we got married (or right after we got married, I don’t remember). One of his boss’ (take in mind that his boss’ were a married couple who are both science professors) told him how they had made 40 year goals and went back and looked at them occasionally to remind themselves of where they wanted to be at retirement age. Start thinking about that today. Ryan said he was gonna talk to you about it.

    If you’re in a mood where you feel like you should change something up, do it!!! I felt so down on myself because I was so scheduled. I felt like my life was boring, but when I talked to other people they asked me if I really felt that way about my life, and technically I was kinda happy that my life was boring. I did have to take up a new hobby though because I needed something to explore that was a creative outlet for just me. Apart from Paul. For me, it’s been scrapbooking. For you it could be yoga. I don’t know.

    Speaking of yoga, I did a yoga DVD that I got for Christmas from my mom in 2005 for the first time on Monday night. WOW!! I loved it. Really felt centered and focused afterward. So, I can see how you might feel un-unified after missing classes for a week. I hope you make it tonight.

    OK, long enough comment. Have a blessed day!

  2. I’m sort of saddened by your post about being average because I’d like to think our life together is above average. I do agree with you, however, that I think we are definitely in a mode of captivity keeping our weeknights lame, and there’s no way to tell one week from the other because it’s all the same. I battle the Mon/Tue day off wars where I do nothing. My days off seem to have lost meaning. While it’s good to nothing once in a while, it seems that’s all I ever do. I’ve been wanting to accomplish so much, yet I accomplish so little. I want to lose weight, instead I’m gaining weight. I want to find a focus for my career, instead I’m losing focus. I need a challenge, and above all, I need to accomplish something. I need to finish a book, lose weight, center my thoughts and strive for wholeness instead of halfness. What gets a person to that point? What is it that I can do TODAY that will make life more focused, meaningful, and less dull? How do I begin to make a difference in my life, and of my wife’s life? Certainly, the answer right now is not having children. Certainly, the answer right now is unclear.

  3. And by the way… I’ve always been against Yoga. Maybe… just maybe… I need to not be against Yoga and just do it… maybe I can start to find something in it. I can’t believe I just said that. am I going to regret this at 7 tonight?

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